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Did anyone use gender selection?

Males are hard to come by in my bf's family.  He was the only male from his father and he already has one girl from a previous relationship and we have 2 on the way.  He has told me that he wants to do gender selection in a few years so he can get the baby boy he has always wanted.

I am fine with it and I understand that because of his heritage he feels pressure from himself and his family since he is the last male to carry on the family name.  

Just wondering if anyone used this process and how it worked for you?

Re: Did anyone use gender selection?

  • No... we are on girl number three, and even though we would have liked to have a boy, I personally would not use gender selection. I just feel it's a little too "playing God." That's me though... the gender is not an issue in our family like it is with your bf's heritage.
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  • No, I actually think its illegal here in Canada. I discussed this with an infertility DR I work with who works bith in Canada & the US (I live in a boarder city). He said its relatively common in the US. I think I would personally only consider it if I was undergoing treatments anyways. What we were discussing was sperm seperation, where the man gives a sperm sample & then seperate the sperm & then inject the male or female sperm. I do not think its a 100% gaurantee but it increases your chances greatly. I wouldn't go thru that unless we were already doing IVF or IUI or something. Otherwise I will take what we get. My ILs really want a boy & would probably want me to do this if they even knew it existed. I think there may be other methods but I am not familiar with them.
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  • All I've heard is that it's super expensive.  Start saving now.  I wouldn't do it.  I'll take whatever baby God gives us.  You could consider adopting a little boy some day. 
  • A family that my sister worked for did this.  They lost a daughter at 3 from a drowning accident and wanted another daughter a few years later.  It worked OK, they got the result they wanted, although I personally question why they did it.  From what I understand, it did cost a lot of money.  The fact that they did it was not common knowledge either.  My sister happened to find out because she was always there watching the other kids.
  • Are you talking about doing fertility treatments (IVF) just to get a certain sex?  If so, no, I can't imagine going through them for that purpose.  They're no walk in the park and I didn't even get to anything like IVF yet.
  • My parents had two girls, then my mom had cancer and after her successful treatment was told she should not have any more children.  They really wanted a boy and decided to try for one more child.  My mom had heard of a French doctor who was doing research into diets that made it more likely to have a boy. 

    They wrote to the dr to ask for more info and he wrote back (in French--they had to find someone to translate it) and said that the woman should eat lots of bananas before conceiving for a better chance of having a boy.  She did and had a boy.  This all happened 25 years ago, but now you can find a lot about potassium rich diets being helpful to conceiving boys.

    I don't know how reliable it is, but I know she ate tons of bananas and I have a little brother!

  • No, but I have done IVF, which is what you would have to do in order to do PGD (preimplantation genetic diagnosis).

    A couple things you might not be aware of:
    -IVF is very expensive and in most cases not covered by insurance even when medically necessary due to fertility problems.  Here in CO it runs about $20K per cycle
    -IVF is not easy physically or emotionally
    -It may be difficult to find a doctor that will do IVF with PGD specifically for gender determination unless you have a genetic condition that is only passed to one gender.  There are ethical issues associated with using PGD for this purpose that a lot of doctors just avoid all together


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  • I would never do this...  If we don't have a boy, my husbands family name dies. Big freaking deal. It's not worth playing God... Also what if you went through all that and had a special needs son? What then?

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  • Jenny3Jenny3 member

    No, but I know it can be expensive and it still isn't a sure thing.

    Try this pregnancy forum... the ladies here are wonderful and I bet one of them can help you: http://www.in-gender.com/cs/forums/ 

  • No, I would not do it. Seems like a huge waste of money. Money that could go to the kids you already have.

    Just to clarify for those that seem confused on what it is, here are the different procedures you can do: 

    The Gradient Method
    The gradient method is a sperm sorting procedure performed at many fertility clinics. Sperm is placed in a centrifuge and spun at high speeds. This process helps to separate the X-bearing sperm from the Y-bearing sperm. Because X-bearing sperm contains more genetic material, it weighs more, and thus falls to the bottom of the test tube during the spinning process. This allows sperm of a specific gender to be selected for use during IUI treatments. The gradient method has been criticized for providing less than desirable results. However, it?s price and simplicity attracts many couples.

    Flow Cytometry (MicroSort)
    Flow cytometry is also a sperm sorting procedure, and is performed under the brand name MicroSort. Flow cytometry uses a special fluorescent dye to identify X-bearing sperm. This dye binds to DNA material contained with sperm cells. Because X-bearing sperm contains more DNA than its Y-bearing counterparts, these sperm absorb more dye. This allows your reproductive endocrinologist to sort out the female sperm from the male sperm. Once the sperm has been sorted, it can be used in IUI or IVF procedures. Flow cytometry has a very high success rate, giving you a 60% to 70% of conceiving a child of your desired gender.

    Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD)
    PGD is the most effective method to use when it comes to gender selection. PGD is a highly complex procedure in which DNA from your embryos are analyzed in order to determine their sex. Embryos are created in a laboratory using sperm samples from the father and eggs retrieved from the mother. These embryos are allowed to divide for three days, after which one cell from each embryo is removed. These cells are then analyzed for DNA and genetic material in order to determine the sex of your embryos. Embryos of the desired sex are then implanted into your uterus. PGD is the most effective sex selection method, giving you a 99% chance of conceiving a child of the desired sex.

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  • No freaking way! After 5 IVFs and 5 losses I just feel blessed to be pregnant and carrying. Some people pick a specific gender when adopting and I would never do that either...But I can understand how it can be suductive..
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  • DH and I sis IVF for DD and did a FET for this pg.  I would have never done the gender thing b/c number 1 it was super expensive at our clinic and it's not 100% accurate, plus it's just too much like playing God.  Good luck with whatever you decide!
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  • Why research a thread that is 5 years old only to post a link to a website ?  Is that your website you are trying to promote ?
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  • i did it and ended up with a boy after 3 girls. As mentioned above, i did the PGD method.
  • No I would not personally try this. DH is in a similar position - he is the only person in his family now with his last name in a child bearing situation........

    We have one girl and now Baby #2 on the way (Team Green). This is the last baby, so what we get is what we get.

    I know there was a story on Yahoo recently of an Australian family who had this done and were very happy with the results. The mom had two or three boys and wanted a daughter. SO it is very possible.
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  • When you say you did pgd. Did you do that with Ivf?
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    Jackie2e said:
    When you say you did pgd. Did you do that with Ivf?
    This thread is originally from 2009, and resurrected 2 years ago. Highly doubt any of these people are still around. 
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