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Gestational Diabetes

HI there! I've just been diagnosed with gestational diabetes and I'm devastated. I requested an early 1 hr GTT at 14 weeks and came back "borderline" of 136. I've been checking my blood sugars the past 2 weeks and at my follow up appt my OB gave me the diagnosis. He's started me on oral medication, glyburide 5mg at night and recommended a diet and exercise.

Anyone else have GDM? What medications are you taking? What are you doing for it? My OB says that I'll definately have to be induced early and maybe a C-sxn. So many questions and feeling like I've failed somehow....

Thanks for you advice

Re: Gestational Diabetes

  • If you can get it under control there is no "definite" about having to be induced or have a C-section.  Please read up and don't let them snowball you into something because it is "easier".  If your OB insists and persists with no real reason... find another OB!  (that's bullhockey!)

    I don't have GD, I have type II diabetes and have been a controlled diabetic, on insulin, since before we started TTC.  I have run into some SERIOUS bias against diabetics and I can see it is going to be one fight after another.  My nurse told me at 10 weeks that I would have to have a c-section, because it is "easier" that way.... easier on them!  No way! I don't do easy, I do best.  My doctor by the way, does not agree with the nurse; he specializes in diabetic patients...   Control = greater chances for "normal/natural" birth.

     The BEST thing you can do is to get yourself under control, meet with the nutritionist, follow their guidelines, and take the medicine.  You can even ask to meet with an endocrinologist if you do not get under control right away.  Insulin is no big deal and absolutely worth it if your oral meds don't do well.  Also, you should have them follow your A1C (an average weighted blood sugar)... know the number, and know your goal!  You can do it!   GD does NOT mean you failed.  Tall, short, thin, fat, good diet, bad diet.... some things make you more prone to it, but even people that do everything right can end up with GD or T1 or T2 diabetes.... it usually does NOT mean that you ate too many cookies!  That is a huge, and very common misconception amongst those that do not understand the disease.  Are they going to send you for the three hour test?  They should have...... but now that you are on medicine, that may not be proper.


    Good luck, and message me if you need help, or an ear.



  • My sister had GDM in her first pregnancy. She delivered a healthy, beautiful baby girl vaginally & natural 2 weeks early from her due date. She also found out early like yourself, so she kept on a healthy diet, did yoga once a week, & walked as much as she could. I also am at risk of GDM. I've been trying to eat as healthy as I can, indulging only a little bit here & there.. yoga & swim every week. I'm pushing my weight to the max, & it's hard work. Just keept at it girl! You're going to have a healthy, & beautiful baby. Congrats!

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  • Hi! I have Type 1 diabetes and I am insulin dependent. Everything I have been working on these past 7 months is to prevent a c-section, preterm labor and an exceptionally large baby. Although those are the risks, my baby so far is healthy. Its extra work I won?t deny but sure worth it! Every 2 weeks I have an OB appt, a Prenatal appt and a nutritionist appt and so forth. When my sugars get a little out of control (which they will, don?t blame yourself it could be your hormones fault) I am checked in the hospital for few days, they monitor my baby and put my sugar levels back on track with new insulin dosage. Being at the hospital is never fun, take a book! It takes up time and dedication but its all for the precious baby u have inside. So stop freaking out and get to work! don?t loose time thinking what can happen or even complaining. Get on your strict diet, poke your fingers at least 6 times a day for the next few months, and make it to your doctor check ups on time! (hey I have had diabetes for 16 years! trust me poking your fingers few times a day for few months is nothing compared to the 16 years I have done it). This is the only way you wont have to be induced early, or having a c-section. Talk to your doctor he should be motivating you not scaring you to death. Everything you do now will affect the baby you just need to be on top of the situation. I am 24, 30 weeks pregnant, 130lbs and have type 1 diabetes, and my 2 doctors, OB and specialist on high risk pregs have NEVER indicated that I WILL be induced early, its very possible and most likely, we are trying to stay healthy and keep this baby inside as long as we can! Look at it on the bright side, we get monthly ultrasounds, and we get to listen to our baby?s heart for very long periods of time! (not lot of  women experience that).

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