How often do you get this question

When are you getting a baby? 

I know that the whole process is foreign to many people, but I get that question at least twice a day it seems like.  Either in person or via email. or text.  A coworker has asked me every day (not lying-EVERYDAY) since last Wednesday when we found out our Homestudy was approved if we have word on a baby yet.  Seriously-it's almsot as bad as when we were TTC-and hearing the are you pregnant yet?!?! 

So how often are you asked or were you asked...just because I'm curious! :)

Re: How often do you get this question

  • At least weekly....everytime you run into someone you don't see everyday who knows about your adoption plans.  It got really annoying esp at family events...we almost wanted to tell everyone that they would know when we knew, but to please stop asking b/c it certainly doesn't make waiting any easier!

    Now they are on to finalization, asking CONSTANTLY if we have heard anything from the lawyer about a court date...

  • People just ask us how long we expect the wait to be and how long we've been waiting.  Then they want to know why it takes so long.  Most express their sentiments that it's a shame the process takes so long, since there are kids waiting for families and families waiting for kids.  Some even go so far as to suggest that we are being made to wait so "they" can rip us off for more money.

    I do my best to try to explain the process and all the checks and balances, but as we all know, it's convoluted, and people have limited attention spans.  Some people get it, and others, well, see the comment above.

    Mostly, I am okay with the process and I understand the reasons it takes so long, but sometimes, I think "they" go out of their way to ask for ridiculous information.  I know no one wants to make a mistake and place a child in a bad home, but the "cover your arse" mentality does go too far in some instances.  I have nothing to hide and am happy to open my life like a book, but why, for example, we needed not only one costly psychological report, but two, just to rehash things already in our homestudy and application letter, is beyond me.

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  • Oh, and I have to agree with's everytime you talk to someone who knows you're adopting and doesn't speak to you on a very regular basis.  I try to remember that they are just expressing their interest, and don't know what else to say, like when you are newlyweds and everyone asks, "So, how's married life?"

    It's more the above follow-up conversation that I hate.

  • I'm on summer break now, but during the school year I was asked this question almost every day.  I had one coworker in particular that asked me almost every time she saw me.  Kind of frustrating, but at the same time I know they were all wishing and hoping for us, too.


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  • I get this asked all the time as well. Sometimes more than 3x's in a week.

    The people I know always get excited when they ask but if I go into details about what's going on right now they get real quiet and apologize lol.

  • We must have our families/friends trained well (or I'm a giant, bitter hag who scared them when we were TTC and going through our m/c's) b/c everyone waits for us to share.  Of course, I'm a notorious over-sharer, so that might have something to do with it.

    I'm sure I annoy the crap out of come*on*baby b/c I ask her for status updates every few days.  ;)

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