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When did you start using bibs?

DD is about 5 weeks old now and I haven't used a bib with her yet when I feed her- I've been thinking I could probably just hold off till she gets really drooly with teething.  When did you guys start?

Re: When did you start using bibs?

  • Some people use bibs all the time right away because their babies have reflux or drool a lot.  I still haven't used a single bib.  DD munches on her hands and drools a little, but never on her clothes.  I just wipe her up every now and again with a burp cloth.

    I expect that we'll finally get some use out of her bibs when she starts solids. 

  • I didn't need to start using them on DS until about 3.5 months when he began drooling all the time.  But you can use them earlier if you want to protect your LO's clothes from spit up.  DS never spit-up a lot so I only used a bib if I really wanted his outfit to stay clean (like on Easter or his baptism).
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  • Right away and she wears them almost all day everyday because she spits up so much.
  • I BF 95% of the time, but when he's taking my milk in a bottle we use a bib... he gets more distracted (bc he can actually look at something other than my chest!) and he makes a MESS!
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    We always draped a burp cloth under DD's neck - the bibs always seemed too big, so that's what we still do now with bottles.  But once she started teething, all the bibs we hadn't been using are now in constant rotation! 

    I won't use the cute, cloth ones for eating solids because they're too small.

  • We've used a bib from the start.
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  • We have always used bibs.  DD is a messy eater with a bottle, she drools a ton, and it seems like she gets more oatmeal on her face than in her mouth! 
  • I started using them when DD was about 7 weeks.  She is very messy eater.
  • We did about 2 weeks ago because we thought she was a messy bottle drinker - turns out we just needed to find a different bottle (we're still looking for one that really works for her!).
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  • We've been using bibs for a few weeks now - LO is 13 weeks today. She's drooly but not cutting teeth and I'd rather her be in dry clothes than wet ones around the top.

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  • Lo wears a bib all day. He drools like crazy. And when he's eating and decides he's done, he spits out whatever's in his mouth. It's charming
  •  I started as soon as I switched to the bottle. I think the bibs are best that actually cover the child and protect their clothing like an Ultimate bib ...not into stained clothing or that spoiled milk smell...
  • Week 7, he began drooling more
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  • We don't use them unless we go out and don't want to get his outfit dirty. At home, we manage to catch most spit up with a burp cloth. If he gets just a little spit up on his clothes, we wipe it off, but if he gets a lot, we change him. I'm sure when he eventually starts baby foods, we will use them all the time. (He is three months old.)
  • We've used them pretty much since he was born.  I use it after he feeds because he's a late spitter.  30, sometimes 45 minutes after he eats and sometimes I think we're in the clear and we aren't.  So I just started putting a bib on him.  Just in case!

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  • We use them all the time. My daughter spits up allot . I really like the tommy tippy ones . They have this thicker edge to them so they catch everything that normally goes down the bib . Three out of four of my kids have been pukers and spit up allot . We didn't use bibs with my oldest till she stared eating food since she didn't spit up or drool .
  • I've been using them lately because lo spits up a lot and I'm tired of changing outfits all day long!
  • I used them starting around 2 weeks.
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  • Now. LO is 6 weeks tomorrow. She spits up often.
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