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Why don't people like the name Blake?

Honestly I love this name but I see a lot of negative comments about it on this board. Does it remind you of someone that you don't like? Does the name have some sort of connotation to it?

Re: Why don't people like the name Blake?

  • I'm dating myself here, but all I think about is Blake Carrington from Dynasty.  I don't think its that bad, just NMS.
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  • I actually like it for a boy or girl. Not enough to use it for my kid though.
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  • I like it, but it DH hates it. He says it is too "pretty boy surfer with a trust fund" for his taste. LOL!
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  • rc1276rc1276
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    Seems kind of 80s to me ... no other reason. I don't hate it ...
  • MrsCFBMrsCFB
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    i think it's an okay name.
  • I have no problem whatsoever with the name Blake.
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  • erinmserinms
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    I really like it, but it does conjure up kind of an annoying guy- attractive but really self-centered. ?My husband and I agreed that we liked the name but it is too bad that it reminds us of guys we don't like.

    I would totally support someone else naming their kid Blake, we just had too many people we didn't like with that name.?

  • I don't have problem with the name. I think Blake Lively has caused some people to think of it as a unisex name, though.

  • ctanactana member

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    I'm dating myself here, but all I think about is Blake Carrington from Dynasty.  I don't think its that bad, just NMS.

    Unfortunately me too. I totally think of that old dude.

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  • Thanks ladies!
  • I like it. I only know one Blake and he's 7y.o.

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  • I LOVE the name Blake! Its my DH's name. He isn't thilled that people are using it for girls but otherwise he likes too. I say go for it! 
  • Honestly I picture a total pansy arse guy with that name. And I've never personally known a Blake... don't know why. Maybe it's just not manly enough?

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    I have no problem whatsoever with the name Blake.


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  • Blake sounds like an arrogant jock to me. I know a Blake and he's nothing like that (gay actor), but that's still what I think of.?
  • I like the name Blake.  One of my friends just had a baby and named him Blake.
  • I like Blake... as a matter of fact its on our list. It's DHs top pick,  my only issue is that it seems a little unfinished...you know it needs a "son" or "ly" or "en" at the end.... but that just doesnt work!  LOL

  • it kind of rose to popularity really fast in the past 10 years and i think it just sounds like way too much of a nickname for me.
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  • I like the name Blake- a lot.  If you and DH love it, go for it!  My friend from high school who I have a lot of respect for is named Blake so I only have good connotations with it...
  • I love Blake!  I would use it for a boy or girl, and it is on our short list.
  • I like it a lot...for a boy or girl!
  • It sounds prep school girly boy to me. Don't know why. It just does.
  • Blake is DS1 name, so I LOVE it!
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  • It rhymes with the word "flake". I always picture some jerky surfer dude.
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