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32mo. old DD uses the potty when asked but...

it takes her at least 30 minutes of sitting on it before she will actually go (she sings songs or reads a book while on it). The problem is, she'll eventually pee in the potty and poop (which she does easier than peeing, go figure) but will then turn around and do the same thing in her panties or diapers/pull-ups and not really be bothered at all that she's wet.

Some times she'll warn me that she has to go the bathroom (at which point I'll sit her on the potty), but most of the time, she goes in her pull-ups and tells me after the fact. We've tried using just panties and it's almost the same thing. In panties, she will hold it as long as possible but then just let a little bit out into the panties so she's a tiny bit wet, then I'll sit her on the toilet. Once her panties are wet, she just asks for a new pair (as if they are diapers or something).

She understands the concept of using the potty and I reward her if she goes in it, but it's almost like she forgets to use it again the next time she has to go to the bathroom.

She's starting preschool in a few months and, while the preschool class doesn't require her age group to be potty trained, I would like her to be trained so it is easier on her and the teachers.

I'm thinking about just having her go bare bottom for a while, but I'm afraid of the damage to my carpet.

Any suggestions?? 


Re: 32mo. old DD uses the potty when asked but...

  • Have you tried switching up the rewards?

    What about creating a "potty poster" and everytime she goes she can put a sticker on it and when she has 5 she gets a new toy/coloringbook/etc.  Then, have her get 5 stickers in a row withOUT going in her big girl panties and she gets an even more exciting reward.

  • The thing that made the difference for us was talking about being dry. We'd praise her for being dry and set a timer that SHE got to start and she'd go every time. Then we gave her m&ms and she got it. Before talking about being dry/clean, she'd be proud of herself for going in the potty but would still wet her diaper (she got the poop thing down faster than pee too) Now we talk about being dry and only give m&ms for peeing/pooping when her panties are dry. She has accidents still as she is still learning, but she's doing MUCH better. GL!
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