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Hey girl! I haven't been on here so much and I'm just catching up! I just saw your post about my carseat. YES- I still have the carseat and both bases. I used them from November to April.

Also- congrats on your stroller purchase. I saw someone pushing the SI at the mall the other day and thought it looked super cute! Enjoy!


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  • Hey!! Thanks for replying! How much are you asking for it? (if you want you can email me: claribel . contreras @ gmail . com).

    Thanks! I love the Si, I think Abraham will be able to use it for a very long time. I loved the Bee in person because it really is adorable but I wasn't convinced the the side things.

    Let me know about the carseat please:)

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  • I know! Pros and Cons to EVERYTHING! I was really concerned about the side things too- the first Bee I got had very THICK side things (I call them wings). I had to take that stroller to the store because it had a little broken piece when I unpacked it from the box. When I got my new Bee- the side things were actually thinner! Seems that the first year had thick wings and then they made the change to smaller wings in the new model- (other then that the stroller is identical). Anyhow- Nadia doesn't seem to mind them at all, so it's all worked out!

    I put the carseat on craigslist with the 2 bases for $80 on craigslist. I had a few inquiries- but no one serious. I'd be willing to take $60 for it and the bases. I promise- it's all in great condition.

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  • Really?? The two I saw had really thick wings, that's good that yours are thinner and that Nadia doesn't mind! I love how it looks but the Si is cute too lol. My brother (who went with me) kept telling me that it wasn't about how cute I thought it was lol.

    Omg, I'll take it for $60 for sure! Let me know:)

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  • When do you want to get together? I'm in Miami Lakes. I'm so excited to meet you in person AND see the baby!!!! ;-)

    [email protected]

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