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so happy that DH is home

I picked up DH last night after spending a week visiting his father in the ICU. It's been very emotional experience for him. A lot of it has to with the fact that he has been distant from his father for some time.

His dad can probably be best described as one of those brilliant people (he has PhD in biophysics) but not very functional in everyday life. Although my FIL is very active in the community where he lives now, he did little as far as supporting DH and his brother when they were growing up. I think it was important for DH to go out there and grapple with some of these issues. DH must told me he loved me fifty times last night and promised to always be supportive of me and our family, unlike how his dad was.

FIL is still in critical care but he is no longer on the ventilator and is breathing on his own. So we are hoping for the best although the recovery will be long. Here's the back story on what happened:

I just added a pic to my siggy from my friend's wedding on Friday. Although DH wasn't there, I had a great time with friends.

Re: so happy that DH is home

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    I am so glad that he is doing better and that DH is home. We will keep him in our prayers for continues improvement
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    I love your dress in that picture, you look great!

    I am glad your father-in-law is recovering, and also glad your husband has the opportunity to deal with this stuff now, before the baby comes.

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    OMG, I just read what happened to your FIL & am sad & sickened by what happened to him. What the hell kind of family did this kid come from? How would he feel if this happened to a family member of his.

    Glad your DH decided to go out there, as I'm sure if his dad didn't pull through it would have eaten away at him & he'd always have regrets. His dad was from a different generation and had different priorities. I'm really glad times have changed were men seem to be more involved with their children.

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    Thanks for all the kind words.

    peppernut, I got the dress from a seller on EBay, kikifashions. They have some really cute clothes, reasonably priced and made in USA, too.

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