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VBAC Southshore area??

Hello. I am finding it difficult to have a VBAC in my area. I'm still doing a lot of research but keep coming up with the same response that I HAVE to have a repeat C-Section. Anyone else in the Wareham area running into this problem?? As far as I know Weymouth (Southshore group) is the only hospital this side of Boston that may allow VBAC's. Any help, suggestions or ideas are appreciated. I'm not comfortable with anyone telling how I can and can not deliver my child. I would simply have an at home birth but of course that's not covered by insurance and my luck something would go wrong.



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  • South Shore Women's Health Group will allow VBAC's. They deliver at South Shore Hospital. This group has offices in Weymouth, Duxbury, Scituate, and Whitman.?
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  • That's what I was hoping to hear. Now I have to break the news to my ob that I will be transfering Crying

    Thanks Nancy!

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  • I delivered at Tobey via c-section and they said if I wanted to have another kid there, it would have to be c-section, so I know what you're talking about. 
  • I did a little more research yesterday, made some phone calls. Jordan Hospital has docs that will deliver via VBAC but, you need to bring your medical records from your previous birth (C-Section Delivery) and present it to the Jordan Hospital Board for approval. I have just ordered my records ($15 copy fee) and plan on taking this approach. Jordan is much closer for me than Weymouth and I think as long as I have a low-risk pregnancy there should be no reason for the board to deny me. Basically, no complications, no large baby, no multiples, no past due date etc. Thought I would share this with you. Who knows the hospital could change there policies tomorrow, but I have to give it a try...I DO NOT WANT A REPEAT C-SECTION!


  • If you want to travel a bit, Boston Medical Center definitely encourages VBACs.
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