Gotcha Day Party Invitations

Anyone have ideas or know a great place to get them?  My SIL adopted a baby boy a year ago and they are celebrating being officially theirs in July.  Since I used to frequent this board (but now have my wonderful twins thanks to IVF) I thought y'all might help a gal out.  THANKS!!

Re: Gotcha Day Party Invitations

  • I'm totally not trying to sound snarky here, but if you google "adoption gifts" a whole bunch of stores specializing in gifts celebrating adoption and gifts for adopted children come up. has some great adoption related charms/pendants, and has some awesome multicultural dolls and other children's gifts.
  • Oops!  I just realized you were looking for invitations, not gifts.  Many of those same sites also include invitations and announcements.  Sorry for the confusion! has a few.  Also, a few more will come up here and there if you google "adoption invitations."

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