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Poll: Help me decide!!!!!

I turn 30 next week. Abel and I are taking the day off and heading to Theatre of the Sea and I am going to swim with...something. All my life I have wanted to swim with the Dolphins but this place also has the opportunity to swim with Sea Lions. I think that is SO cool. Not a lot of places offer that.

Here is the links:



I cannot decide!!!!! Its actually cheaper to swim with the Sea Lions by like $30 and they are seeming like a little more fun to me! What to do?!

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Re: Poll: Help me decide!!!!!

  • You might want to ask them if you can being pregnant. I've heard that dolphins are flaky with pregnant women. I think they can sense that you are pregnant and they become all over protective. Not sure if sea lions would be the same. I'd definitely call them up to make sure though.
  • I was just about to say that. You can;t swim with dolphins if you are pregnant! i don't know about sea lions though, i would call and ask them before you pay for it!!
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  • TayLynnTayLynn member

    I heard that too about the dolphins.  I think that would make it more fun!

    They may also have restrictions on the sea lions, kind of like the signs on rides at Disney warning no pregnant women.

    Hope you have a happy 30th! 

     I would prefer the dolphins but you're right the sea lions would be a lot of fun too.

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  • THEY WON'T LET ME!!!!!!!! Because I am pregnant. Because they are 600lb animals and they could hurt me and the baby. All about liability.
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  • what a bummer!

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  • :(
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  • That sucks :( I've alllllways wanted to swim with the dolphins and never had the opportunity! Oh well, tell Abel to give you a rain check for sometime after January 2010 :)
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  • TayLynnTayLynn member
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  • that's too bad, I guess better safe than sorry, but sea lions are so cool, I would love to do that way more than with dolphins, thanks for telling us, I didn't know that was around.
  • That totally sucks! I would have picked Dolphins- I LOVE LOVE LOVE Dolphins!
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