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Is there a male version of Susan?

I wish I could name my baby Susan but a. I think the name might be dated and b. I have this odd feeling that it's a boy.

 My grandmother's name was Susan and I hope that there is some way that I can name the baby after her even if it ends up being a boy. Any ideas?


Re: Is there a male version of Susan?

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    Wasn't there a boy named Sue? Wink
  • haha possibly but I'm not sure how i feel about that name :-(


    I'm so bad at picking a name! My husband is too... ugghhh

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  • In Jewish tradition, the first letter is often used to honor a deceased relative.  So that would open up any "S" boys name.  Seth, Sean, Shane, Samuel, Simon - etc etc etc. 


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  • Thanks - that's a good idea. I wasn't aware of that tradition!
  • My mom always said her next child would have been name "Sioux." Like the native indians.
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  • What about your grandmother's maiden name? Would that work?   I think Sean would be a close version.
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  • If it is a girl, I think Suzanne and Susanna are more updated.
  • I like the idea of Souix, like the Native Americans as well.  Also, agree with the Jewish tradition of just using the first letter. 

    I think Samson, Samuel, Sean, Simeon, etc. would all work in this case.  Good luck.

    Oh, and I also agree with the person that said Suzanne and Susanna are a little more "updated", without losing the integrity of the name itself.

  • I would be cautious about the "Sioux" spelling, esp. depending on where you live (or may move to in the future).  The Native American population may not appreciate having a tribe name used to make an English name look more modern/trendy.  My alma mater is likely going to finally have to find a new logo, mascot, etc. after having the "Fighting Sioux" since the 1930s.  I realize it's not really the same thing, but something to consider.
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  • this might help: is pretty awesome for this kind of stuff.

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  • Maybe you'll have a girl next. I like the pp's sugestion of Susanna -I love that name. For a boy, I think any S name would be nice if you really want to honor her with this baby.

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