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Best Strollers for getting around Boston?

I am starting to look at strollers to register for and I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions of a good stroller that would be a smooth ride for the baby, but also lightweight.  I walk around a lot, take the T and live on the second floor of a condo. 

Re: Best Strollers for getting around Boston?

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  • I

    have a BOB jogger and a
  • I have a BOB jogger and a bugaboo and I can tell you that neither fit thru the isle on a T Bus.  A pain if people in the first section don't let you by and nobody can pass by.  But they both work great on the T Trains and cruising around town.  BOB is great fo going upstairs too.  We live in a condo as well.
  • For the T - and esp. the T bus or the green line if you ever take it, I strongly recommend you get something small, lightweight, and easy to fold!  We got a large stroller that could be used for both carseat and afterwards, but I wish instead that we got a snap-n-go for the carry-in-the-carseat months and then gone with one of the smaller Maclarens. 

    We do love our Zooper Waltz for really long walks and even riding the T but it takes up a lot of space and it's a pain to get up steps (i.e. T bus, green line).  That being said the basket is huge so it's great for urban shopping!

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  • I went with the City Mini by Baby Jogger.  It gets excellent reviews. You can see reviews on babies r us and amazon, online you can purchase for $229.  I went to a play it again sports to test it out.  So easy to fold and lightweight.  It's like 15 pounds compared to all these other 29 pounders it's so light. 

    I'm a big fan of the City MIni!


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  • You may want to take a look at the Micralite Toro.  The fold is quick and super small.  it was just given to score by Consumer repots and seems to be built for city-dwellers.  It is really easy to go up and down stairs because of the way the back tires are positioned.  It is pricey, but worth it.
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