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NBR: Toothache questions....

We went to the dentist on Saturday. I have really tight teeth. It's almost impossible to floss because I can't get the thread in between them.

Well, the nurse shoved floss between my teeth and I think it cut into my gums. She did this while commenting on how tight together they are.  It has been red and hurts. It's also making my tooth sensitive. Is that even possible or something else causing my tooth to be sensitive.

It's bothersome right now, but I don't think it warrants a trip back. What do you think?

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Re: NBR: Toothache questions....

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    Mine are that same way between some teeth and my gums stay inflammed and irritated for a few days.  I would go back if it doesn't start getting better.  Also, I use things called GUM picks I think they are called to floss my teeth b/c it is so tight.  It is a little brush that you put through at the gum line.  Can't do it to all my teeth but most I can.  It might be something to look into and mention to dentist next time they try to shove floss.  Hope your teeth feel better soon!

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    Those hygienists can be brutal with the floss. I always ask mine to not floss and say I'll do it at home instead. I would say if it doesn't subside in a day or two, call back. At worst, it could be infected or something, but it's probably just very sensitive and radiating toward where your tooth is, if I had to guess.

    I had a toothache once when my root canal went wrong, and it was throbbing, radiating pain through my jaw and into my neck. If you are feeling this, definitely call right away.

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