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I'm about 7-8 weeks pregnant and a natural fruit and veggie lover. But I can't help but notice that I am eating way more fruits and veggies than normal. Also noticing that anything with bread (sandwiches, subs, pizza, burgers, etc) is making me nauseous. I tried to eat a Whopper (my favorite fast food sandwich) the other day and just about gagged at the thought of putting the sandwich to my mouth! Anyone else feeling (or felt) the same way?

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  • Yes, especially when I was at your stage in the pregnancy. From 6-12 weeks, all I wanted to eat were fruits and vegetables. I don't see any problems with eating lots of fruit/veggies, especially when you're suffering from morning sickness, but just make sure that you are getting plenty of protein. Hope you feel better soon! It's all worth it.
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  • Nope, pass that whopper this a-way ;) - I support Newt Gingrich's idea of colonizing the moon if it'll help me get away from Newt Gingrich.

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