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Will antibiotics interfere with clomid??

So Lucky me...yesterday A/F comes, today I have an upper respitory inf, and tomorrow i go to O/B for exam and new clomid rx.

My question is has anyone taken clomid and and antibiotic..will they interfere with each other?

Re: Will antibiotics interfere with clomid??

  • Is your pharmacy still open this late? ?You can call and ask the pharmacist.
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    If your pharmacy is closed, you can always call a pharmacy on the west coast just to ease your mind for tonight. (I did this a few times when I lived out east.) Then make sure to talk to your Dr. about it tomorrow.
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  • It shouldn't. I was on antibiotics last cycle for a sinus infection, and my RE said the only thing he worried about was yeast infection from the antibiotics. So he suggested taking Monistat 1 as soon as possible so that I don't have a YI when it's time to ovulate. I did end up ovulating that cycle! So, the antibiotics didn't interfere with the clomid.
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