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Hi Ladies

Who's watching the clock approach midnight like me??? The little man is sleeping, but I napped when he did this afternoon, and I know I won't fall asleep in time before he wakes up to be fed and changed again.

When did your LO start sleeping through the night ( if they have) ?

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Re: Hi Ladies

  • W is at the point where he wakes up maybe twice.
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  • DS has STTN every now and then since 6 weeks. It's not every night, but we co-sleep and nurse in bed so it's hard to keep track.

    W (02/2009), N (08/2012), and C (04/2014)
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  • She sleeps from about 12 to 5 or 6.  I could go to bed when she does around  8, but I just get crankier when I have to wake up to feed at midnight.
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    The past 10 nights DS has STTN, 8 of them he woke once, and the past 2 has not woken up at all until morning....not holding my breath it's going to last though!
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