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Fellow LOST addicts.....(possible spoiler)

Aaacccckkkkk wasn't last night's episode good?!  Sorry if there was already a post on this.  I looked briefly but didn't see one.

Widmore is Faraday's father.......that's crazy!!!!!!  And who else cried when Faraday died????  I loved him!!!!!!  And I cried when he was talking to Charlotte too.

So do you think they will be able to "undo" everything, and make it be like they never crashed on the island?

Re: Fellow LOST addicts.....(possible spoiler)

  • i totally called widemore being his father!  and if you think about it, none of them have any incentive to undo anything.  if they undo everything, kate goes to jail, sun and jin live miserably, charlie is an addict, hurley is nutso, etc etc etc......kwim
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  • I read that there is supposed to be another death this season, a charlie sized one. AHHH! I am so addicted to this show!
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  • Even though it LOOKS like Faraday is dead...I am gonna wait till the next episode to see. But it was sad. Especially because his hose beast of a mom shot him in the back. LAME.

    He is on a "healing" island, he is with the Others that is in the bidness of healing...they are working on Ben as we speak...oh and master surgeon Jack is there, too.

    One theory of why Faraday is crying when he sees the wreckage of 815 on TV and he doesn't know why he is so sad is because the plane he is seeing is Round 2.
    That really is flight 815 that has crashed a second time after everyone has gone through one bout of time travel. They couldn't prevent it because "whatever happens happens" theory is true. If someone is supposed to die, they will eventually die around the same time, every time.
    He is so sad because all of the efforts of trying to prevent it didn't work. BUT...since he has literally lost his mind, he is having a hard time piecing it all together. 

    Can I get a what what?!?! Anybody with me on that?

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