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Whats the age difference?

between your children. Lee is an only child and I have one brother who is 5 yrs younger. We want to have more children(2 more) but can t decide when to start. I don t like the idea of having 2 in diapers at the same time, but then agian I don t want them to be sooo far apart.

Re: Whats the age difference?

  • 1 minute between #1 and #2.

    And it will be 2 years and 1 month between #2 and #3.

  • I only have one.  However my oldest sister is 14 years older than me and my other sister is 7 years older. I'm the baby.
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  • I only have 1, but so far they will be atleast 27 months apart...
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  • i only have one baby for now, but me and my brother are 6 years apart, my mom said it was really easy to have me since my brother wanted to help with everything and he really loved me since i went home for the first time! i want to wait until ds is at least 4 :)
  • DS and DD will be 2 yrs and 2 months apart. I have a brother and sister (DH has a brother and 2 sisters)....we are all ~2 yrs apart and we both have great relationships with all our siblings. We wanted our children to be right around 2 yrs apart as well.
  • I know a 2 year spread is "the norm" but I watched my best friend go through that with her 3 kids (#2 is 26 months younger than #1, kid #3 came along 26 months after #2.) and I knew it was not for me.

    Since then I have seen other preschool moms in my kids' classes and other friends cope with a two year old while trying to breastfeed an infant for 45 minutes at a time, and later chase both a speedy 3 year old who still needs constant vigilance AND corral a new walking 1 year old -- very tiring.

    I LOVE having kids 4 years apart.  I feel I've been able to give each of them the best of me.  My DD had my undivided attention for 4 years until her brother came along.  By that time she had friends, playdates, was in preschool, etc.  It gave me time to spend with the baby.  By the time she was in first grade, he was 2, and I was able to spend long chunks of time with him one on one.  She got home while he was napping, and I always managed to have some one-on-one with her as well.

    True, the two of them have not been great playmates for each other until recently.  But it was worth waiting until now for them to start to be "buddies". 

    Even if you're not starting your family while you are young, you can spread them out a little.  I was 31 and 35 when my kids were born.  If we had wanted a third kid, I would have waited until my son was at least 3 or 4 before trying for another.

    High School English teacher and mom of 2 kids:

    DD, born 9/06/00 -- 12th grade
    DS, born 8/25/04 -- 7th grade
  • almost 19 months both my sister and sil have two boys a piece that are 18 months apart and now we have two boys that are 18 months apart.  We wanted them close so they could grow up together and we could "get it over with" while we are still fairly young!!!
  • Jack and his sibling will be 3yrs 2m apart in age. I was hoping for a little closer like 2.5yrs apart, but it didn't happen.

     I have an older brother who is nearly five years older than me. He was almost in junior high by the time I went to kindergarten, then he was out of the house and gone before I hit high school. I felt it was way too big of an age difference. My mother says he was a great big brother when he was five to nine or so. After that he was into his own thing.

  • DD will be 2.5 when DC #2 is born.  We didn't plan it this way, but we will take what we can get (we would have waited longer, but that wasn't in the plans).

  • Just under two years.  They had the same due date and #2 came a bit early. 
  • 20 months between #1 and #s 2, 3, and 4.  But trust me, we weren't planning it that way!!

    My brothers and I were all 3 years apart, which looking back seems like a good age gap to me now.  We were close enough in age to still be friends, but not so far apart that we didn't have anything in common, kwim?

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