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Clomid ?

I was wondering if anyone felt this way after taking Clomid. Last Friday was my last pill. Last night I became so bloated it is painful. I look 3 months pregnant! Today I am still pretty bloated and a little queasy. I overall feel like crap. Last month I felt bad too but this is different. I went in yesterday for my follicle check and I have 4 follicles and last month I only had 1, so maybe that has to do with it. I just feel like crap and on top of that I have no patience for my daughter's temper tantrums at all. So I was wondering if this is pretty normal?

Re: Clomid ?

  • Those bigger follies sure could make you feel like crap. I was SOOOO MOODY when on clomid. I would totally rage about things that were not a big deal to most! I am sure your symptoms are from the clomid.
  • Clomid can make you moody for sure...  and lots of follies can definitely be uncomfortable.  I would still mention it to your Dr or nurse though...
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  • I'm guessing those nice follies are causing that bloat. And moodiness too. GL!
  • That was my issue Wink  I agree w/pp it sounds normal.
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  • Yes.  I get this way too. 
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    Just make sure they watch those follicles b/c unfortunately with that many you can have OHSS and/or leftover cysts......
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