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I have been annoyed with every baby care book I have read - I found them completely overwhelming and/or poorly organized. I just picked up Baby 411 (by the same company that did Baby Bargains) and I LOVE IT. It's logically organized and has answers to just about every question you could think of, which is great for first timers like me. Just wanted to say I love it in case anybody is wondering what book to buy. I feel like so many of them out there have been a waste of $$ so I was relieved that this one is so good! All of the FAQs that they have in there have saved me several silly phone calls to the pediatrician.
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Re: Book Rave!

  • I second Baby 411.  Toddler 411 is great too!
  • I found it to be OK.  The sleep section is highly biased and I would be cautious when reading that section.
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  • That's good to know! I literally just bought it today (before reading your post). I have heard many good things about it.
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  • I'm a big fan
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  • Ha - wish you had posted a year ago.  I didn't come across Baby 411 (had Baby Bargains) until DD was several months old.  I enjoyed it - great digest resource.

    It's been months since I checked 411 out from the library, but I recall the sleep section being pro-Weissbluth and Ferber.  I like the Baby Whisperer lady.

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