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I just started using these a day ago.  After you insert one, do you need to lay flat for a while?  I am supposed to do 2/day.  I've been doing one at bedtime, and the other one sometime in the morning.  I seem to get "yellowy" stuff draining out of me after the morning capsule.  I try to lay down for a while, but that's not easy when you're chasing a toddler around!

Another question, will the Prometrium prevent "pre-period" spotting?  I always spot for a few days before my period.  If the meds make that stop, I don't want to get too excited for a BFP if I don't see any spotting.  I won't test until 2 weeks after my trigger shot.


Re: prometrium capsules

  • I am taking them as well. No, you don't have to lay down afterwards, and the yellowy stuff that comes out is supposed to. It's like a wax covering that I think dissolves/comes back out. My Re's office  told me to expect that.

    Not sure about the spotting, I don't usually have that before AF.  GL!

  • Thanks!  When they put me on the Prometrium, I only spoke to the nurse over the phone.  I should have asked more questions!

    Thanks again!

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  • I am taking them also and I get that yellowish discharge.  I never lay down after putting the morning one in.  As for spotting, I didn't the last time while I took prometrium, but once I stopped taking them (after a BFN) I did a little before AF came.  HTH!
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  • I am now on week 7 of prometrium this time around. It will leak, there isnothing you can do about it! I probably will prevent pre-period spotting if you are spotting due to reduced progesterone. I do not lay down after, and have not ever. I know that they suggest you do, but it is too hard! Hopefully you are in for MANY more weeks (through trimester1 ) of yellow snotty discharge!
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