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wwyd: ob/gyn issue- super long- need advice

I've been going to the same ob/gyn for years now and he has alway been great. My uncle is an ob/gyn and joined the same practice in July 2008. I knew I was going to have issues getting pg with DS so I was  proactive and set up an appointment with an RE a few months before (he takes months to get a first appointment). When I was finaly pg, during the first trimester I went every 2 weeks and loved everything. 2nd trimester I went to every 4 weeks. At 30 weeks I started having really bad backaches and dull cramps in pelvic area. I called my uncle because I knew he was on call that day and he said to drink a ton of water, lay down and go in if it does not get better. It got better so I went to bed. The next day, he called me to see how I felt and wanted me to come to the hospital (he was there) and have an ffn done. I got there and they realized I was having contractions every 2-3 minutes. I was given Procardia and kept overnight to get steroid shots. Dr. K (my regular ob) came to see me and told me that I was being release on modified bedrest and not to worry everything was going to be ok, he wanted to see me in 2 weeks.

I continued to have contractions contineously for 6 weeks and on my own put myself on strict bedrest.  Point is my son was born at exactly 36 weeks. Dr. K still only saw me every 2 weeks, I was in the hospital 4 times for pre-term contractions 2 of which I went in after he told me everything was ok. Once my bp was extremely high and my liver function levels were climbing. Am I wrong to assume that with pre-term labor you get seen more often or start going in for NST to monitor contractions?

At my annual on thursday I told him that I did not get my period since Feb. he said that it was fine and he is only concerned if I do not get it for more than 3 months as the risk of developing uterine cancer increases! What? I was in shock and did not even say anything. All I was thinking, is this guy for real. He also told me to not call/talk to my uncle about any ob/gyn needs. He did not want anything to happen and him have to deal with the guilt. (But I guess it didn't matter that the on-call dr was not there to deliver my son and my uncle did. I felt he was just a bit more qualified to handle the situation compared to a nurse... no offense to nurses but this one was a whackjob)I am concerned that do to the PCOS and the missing period i'm going to have major trouble getting pregnant. I did set up an appointment with RE a few weeks ago to talk about what I should do.

Would you go back to him or would you try to find someone else? I'm really upset that he was not thorough enough and my son had to deal with all the preemie stuff. But at the same time I am thankful that DS is healthy and happy. We are not really sure what we want to do yet regarding DC#2, but this dr situation has been haunting me for months. If you are still reading thank you!

Re: wwyd: ob/gyn issue- super long- need advice

  • Wow, talk about a rock and hard place. If it were me, I would find a new Dr.

    I also find it very odd that even though your uncle is a Dr. in a same practice, he is discouraging you from seeing him. At my practice we are required to rotate between all the Dr.s in the office. Maybe it is different since you are family, but if your Uncle was the on call Dr, he did what he should have...treated his patient.

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  • I think your concerns are definitely justified.  I was seen every few days when my swelling started to get worse.  They were making my DH (in the med field) and my dad (a cardiologist) take my BP twice a day otherwise I may have had to be seen even more in the office.  I don;t understand why he doesn't want you talking to your uncle unless he is worried your uncle is better at his job and doesn't want you questioning him (RIDICULOUS).  My FIL is a ped and up until today (post about this on the prev. page) I was seeing his partner.  I called FIL whenever it was after hours and I had a ? because I knew FIL didn't mind.  My pedi never had a problem with that.  I also have PCOS and have been warned about my risks with not having periods.  My ob is putting me back on bcp when we are done having kids.  I will be on met to conceive again in May.

    IMO I'd look else where.  You need to worry about your health and your future child's.  

  • I would definitely switch doctors.  I would never stay with a doctor whose opinion/advice I doubted and/or didn't make me feel comfortable about the situation.
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