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what were you doing this time around last year?

(i stole this from another board, but i thought it would be a fun poll since most of us were either in labor or preparing for labor)

this time around last year, i was 36 weeks pregnant, preparing my hospital bags, making sure the nursery was ready, sleeping in on weekends until 12 noon, waddling, was in the nesting-mode, eating non-stop, and was as big as a house. i also remember getting those weird "zap" pains down there and thinking "is this a contraction, will my water break tonight"...i remember sending my poor dh on 2am donut runs to dunkin donuts...lol

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Re: what were you doing this time around last year?

  • This day last year I was already on day 5 of contractions 3-5 minutes apart!! I was 37 weeks today, finally full term and praying my water would just freakin break already to end the misery!! Fortunately it did, and tomorrow is my baby's birthday!!!
  • This time last year I had started taking Mikey to PT twice a week for his "mild" torticollis, who would have thought that we'd still be there a year later!
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  • I was about 5 weeks pregnant and soo excited. Our other house we were living in at the time is pretty small so we were very eager to move into a bigger house in a better family neighborhood. We put a contract on our new house sometime towards the middle of April and closed in May.

    This past year has been a blur with my pregnancy complications, premature baby and doing all of that while we are still newlyweds. We got married 2/9/08.

  • This time last year I was still working fulltime with my little one pretty new to daycare and also planning her baptism. Time flies! That all feels like yesterday!

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  • This time last year I had just told my students that I was pregnant.  It was so cute to see how excited a bunch of high schoolers were finding out their teacher is pregnant.  The morning sickness was just starting to subside and I was starting to feel like a normal person again. 

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  • I was 5 weeks pregnant!  I had found out exactly a week before and I was dealing wtih some really awful nausea and had my first bout of morning sickness- even thought it was at night!  i made myself a fried egg and threw it all up.  I still can't eat them because of that night!!  I was also in the middle of taking finals and trying to graduate and doing that all with m/s was not comfortable at all.
  • This time last year I was like 8 weeks pregnant and vomiting like crazy. I was living off of popsicles and soda crackers. In the beginning of April, I was hospitalized for dehydration. I was having a terrible time and worrying that the baby would be affected by all of this.
  • I was 25 weeks pregnant and was already 2 weeks into my strict bedrest!!! I was busy planning my baby shower (it helped the time pass by faster!) and remember praying every night that I wouldn't have any more episodes of bleeding and that he would't be born prematurely...We made it to 35 +6 weeks!!!! 
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  • I was 10 weeks pregnant and was in the ER because I fainted at the taping of the Ellen show at Universal lol. I'm still mad I missed the show to this day :P
  • We had just found out that I was pregnant again, just days after planning our birthday trip to Key West.....I had a miserable time for that vacation : (
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  • planning Aa's first bday party at Carrabbas :) yum!

    but 2 years ago I was still working with my belly and testing my blood sugars...and wondering what labor would be like :)

  • I was cluelessly pregnant!!! LOL, but found out on April 21st.
  • I was about 4 weeks pregnant and scared to death.....I was sleeping amazingly.  My, how things change!

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  • At this time last year I was skiing in Vail. I would be conceiving pumpkin in about 3 weeks, ;)


  • This time last year I was ziplining through the Costa Rican rain forest celebrating my hubby's 30th b-day where we conceived a little one that we lost 2 months later.

    This year for his birthday we are anixously awaiting our peanut; what better way to celebrate!

  • This time last year- I was about 7-8 weeks pregnant. I was eating like a pig because I would feel naseous if my tummy wasn't full (I seriously gained 15pounds my first tri). I was looking forward to my next dr's appt so that I'd be able to hear the heartbeat. I was scared something was going to go wrong with my pregnancy and was super paranoid. I still couldn't believe I was pregnant and I SOOO couldn't wait to have a big pregnant belly so I could look cute! ;-)
  • I was getting excited and helping plan my baby shower/birthday party.  Oh! and according to the people at work, craving freshly bakes cookies, because I would bring in cookie dough and bake it in our toaster oven.  Everyone loved me while I was pregnant cause of all the goodies I always had =)
  • this time last year I was back at work but getting ready to have sinus surgery to remove the mass in there. also totally NOT ready for baby #2 little did I know Julian had different plans, I got pg in June lol Now I can't imagine my life without him
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