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Hey girl, sorry to bother you about this again lol. I was wondering where you got your bugaboo bee? I was thinking of getting one online but I want to go look at them in person because I read that they're only good for a year or two. Do you agree with that or do you think Nadia's going to fit in it when she's 2 and 3 if you need to sit her down?
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Re: Mari-

  • she is on vacay right now. just wanted to let you know, that you may have to wait a little until she responds. =] GL
  • Hey! I got my stroller at Ideal Baby in Pembroke. See Jonathan- he's the stroller expert there. Definetly go check it out in person before you buy it online. Jonathan can show you how to fold it, change the seat, ect. It's a little complicated at first until you get the hang of it. The stoller IS very narrow. That's what makes it so compact and one of the things I love. I think I'll still be able to use it until Nadia is 2-3 years old. She is in the 95th percentile for height and weight right now, but after the first year- babies start to get long and thin out some, so I think she'll be just fine in there for a while. That being said- I am okay with having spent the money even if I only get 1-2 years out of the stroller, but that's just me. ;-) I plan to put it away and save it for my next baby when Nadia is finished with it anyways. (You can buy the shades in different colors and change them out- so I'd still be able to use it if I have a boy). Anyhow- definetly go see it!

    Happy shopping!!!


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  • And if you search bugaboo bee on youtube, you'll see a few videos with bigger kids riding in the stroller.
  • mari, i thought you had the quinny?? 
  • Thanks so much for the help! I'll definitely go to la ideal and check it out!
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  • imagebritishbride05:
    mari, i thought you had the quinny?? 

    Nope- that's the bee you saw! I don't have a secret stroller stash! ;-)

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