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I went natural...and not on purpose!

Due to PIH, i started an induction (@ 39 weeks) at 6pm on saturday, march 14th. i was 3cm, 40% effaced when we started with cervadil. the nurse said the cervadil had about a 50% chance of getting labor started, meaning i may be able to go without pitocin. of course this couldn't be the case! isabelle wasn't going to show up without a fight aparently! by 1am, i was still awake and absolutely nothing was happening so i took an ambien in hopes of resting up before the big day. i needed the ambien because DH's snoring was driving me up the walls, god love him.

so @ 8am sunday morning, we decided it was time for pit...oh joy. of course i was a little worried about the intensity pitocin contractions, ok a lot worried! my plan was to just take things as they came, not knowing what "intense" really felt like. noon rolled around, and i was STILL at 3cm. 12 hours of cervadil and 4 of pitocin, and NO dilation. i had effaced to 90%, but that was all. up until this point contractions were painful (who are we kidding), but not unbearable. i could still - sort of - talk through them. then the nausea hit me like a bus! i got really queasy (read: barfy) a couple of times, but things were still going well enough that i was apologizing to DH for having to watch me puke my face off (the "i don't care, i'm in labor" phase hadn't set in yet).

at 12:45 my OB came in and broke my water since things weren't progressing the way we were hoping. boy oh boy did that all change, and fast! can i just say how strange it felt to have my water broken? it was like a never-ending/uncontrollable pee...just weird. contractions were really getting painful at this point, but it was still early for an epi (they wanted to wait until 4-5 cm, and i was ok with that). then they started coming in clusters - 4 or 5 right on top of each other and getting way more intense...i'm surprised DH doesn't have broken bones in his hand! at 1pm, my OB checked me again since things seemed to be escalating pretty quickly, and sure enough i was complete! 3-10cm in 15 minutes! eek! the first thing i said was "does this mean no whirlpool tub?" duh. it also meant no epi!

a couple of contractions later, i got the urge to push. every time i would though, DD's heartrate would dip considerably. OB suspected the cord was around her neck and was getting compressed when i pushed. a few more pushes and the same thing kept happening, so he told me NOT to push through the next contraction to give DD a break. that was harder than pushing! when you push effectively, you know it because it's actually a relief,  but when you have to fight that urge...oh man...that was so tough. i absolutely hated not being able to push more than anything else. this is where things got foggy.

they inserted a catheder and refilled my fluids, hoping for some wiggle room to move the cord...but it didn't work. her heartrate dipped into the 70's and wasn't recovering as well. i got some papers thrown at me concenting to an emergency c-section and was told that i would be moved to the OR to deliver (hopefully vaginally) just incase i needed the procedure. i knew that DD's heartrate was slowing and that we were being cautious, but all of the sudden the nurse is throwing scrubs at DH, telling him "change - fast" and there are a ton of people in the room unhooking and moving things around. before i knew it we were literally sprinting (ok i wasn't running so much as lying down) to the OR and DH was white as a sheet. this is when i started to get a little nervous - this was no joke. once in the OR, i pushed 3 times and with the help of a vacuum, Isabelle Lise was born at 3:41pm, cord around her neck like we suspected. she weighed 6lbs, 11oz (same as mommy!), and measured 19.5 inches long, and she actually scored a 9/9 on her apgars too!

little did i know that because they had refilled my uterus with fluid, when the doc pulled her out he got absolutely attacked by fluid. i mean showered. i knew it had happened but i didn't care at the time. watching him jump to the side is pretty funny to think about now though!  i ended up with a first degree tear because of the vacuum delivery, but i'll take that over an emergency c-section anyday. we were able to nurse right away while i got stiched up, which was very nice. i didn't realize it until an hour after it was all over that i had gone all natural...and not on purpose!

and you know what? i'd do it again!

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