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Clothes: How fast do they outgrow them??

Yesterday MIL told me to add more onesies to our registry, DH is totally against it because he says the baby "already has too much clothes".

I was counting the clothes and so far he has 14 outfits (mostly onesies) for 0-3 months. So it did sound like a lot to me, but is it a lot? I keep thinking "yeah it's 14 outfits but I'll probably have to change him a million times a day!!"

So question is: how fast did your little ones outgrow the 0-3 months? Do you have a lot of clothes for them or do you just have a few pairs of things because they grow out of them so fast? 

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Re: Clothes: How fast do they outgrow them??

  • Figure that the 0-3 will fit until they are 3 months, 3-6 will last till about 6 months and so on. We had WAY too many onesies in 0-3. He never used most of them. I had a lot of onesie outfits (from Carter's) that I mostly dressed him in when he was younger since it was easy to snap the onesie off to change his diaper and slip his pants back on. I used to buy a lot of clothes but now I buy what we need, plus a few additional cute outfits. There are still outfits that he's wearing now that he doesn't wear that often because of the weather.
  • mady has a closet and a dresser FULL of clothes probably more than you and i do lol

    not that i went out and bought much all of which have been gifted to us. (if ive spent $100 on her clothes from newborn to now i'd say its too much!). she pretty much outgrew her clothes within her time frame she was wearing newborn for about 1 months then switched to 0-3 months and that lasted  1.5 months - 2 months...etc.

    although she always outgrew her pj's very fast! by 9 months i was no longer buying her closed footed pj's b/c those would never last more than a couple of weeks. as a newborn i always found myself changing her throughout the day A LOT and using tons of bibs, onesies, pjs, and burp cloths.



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  • It depends on how big your baby is.....i think. Madison left the hospital at 6 pounds so we used the newborn clothes for the first month only. (Some people skipped this if they had bigger babies) and now she is in 0-3 month clothes (but I do have onsies that I haven't used so I am going to return them since I still have the macy's return labels on the clothes). She has about 10 outfits right now plus sleepers and I still have clothes with labels to return becuase she is getting chubbier and I think will move up to 3-6 months soon.    
  • oh- and I wanted to add we changed her alot the first week...sometimes 3 times a day but she was in newborn clothes after that it is one outfit (onsie) a day for us
  • A lot depends on how big your baby is.  Lynda wore newborn for about 3 weeks, and then went into 0-3 until about 2 months.  She was in the 90th percentile for weight up until her 6 month check up.  She's now still in a few 3-6 and mostly 6-9.  Beware also that some clothes run differently in sizes.  Gerber onesies for instance run small - we had some 3-6 that she didn't even wear because by the time I pulled them out they were too small.  Try looking at the clothing size wise before you just "file" it with other clothing that size.  Keep as many tags on as possible and you can always return.  They do go through a lot of clothing in the beginning.  It also depends on how much wash you will do.  I refuse to do wash more than once a week.  I get it all done on one day and I'm done.  I have enough sheets, change pads, onesies, etc to make it through a week and having some messy days.

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  • Zoe grew really fast, she was in 3-6 month clothes by 2 months old, and then 6-9 month clothes by 4 months... but in the beginning you do want a lot of options cause they poop or puke on everything! i don'tthink you need any more than 14 outfits to start with, if you find you need more you can always buy more. Just keep receipts and tags on eveyrthing til you actually use it.

  • Are you going to use the onesies as outfits or just for sleeping? If just for sleeping, then 14 is definitely enough. If you are going to dress the baby in them as an outfit, then I would think you'd need at least another package.

    During the first year my son outgrew his clothes approx every 3 months (some brands will run big/small so you may get a little more or a little less use out of them).  I had about 25-30 outfits and 5 or 6 sets of pj's in every size.  Even though they may not need that many outfits you do get sick of seeing them in the same thing all the time and different occasions call for different types of clothes (playdates, parties, just staying home, etc).

    I wouldn't register for more though.  When you actually have the baby, people give you tons of outfits as gifts. 

  • Mine outgrew the 0 to 3 in about a month and a half! Newborn outfits did not last long, maybe 2-3 weeks. He is now nearly 4 months old and wears mostly 6-9 months and is on the very very edge of not fitting into any of his 3-6 month outfits.

    I would get more 3-6 month stuff. It is ok if the outfit is a little big on the baby - he will grow into it! I'd rather buy something that's a little bit big for a week or two than something that he'll grow out of in a month, because that is a waste of money. 

    I wish I had registered for more washcloths and burp cloths... I had no idea how much spit up there would be!!! I end up doing the wash more during the week not because I run out of outfits but because I need more burp cloths!

    That said, I do have a lot of clothing. But I buy bigger sizes because my baby grows fast and I want to make sure he'll have a chance to wear his cute outfits longer!

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  • Yeah - we have like a gazillion onesies - most she has outgrown and are still in their original packaging.  I prefer the one piece pjs, lots of comfy cotton yogas pants/shorts, and cute outfits for family/weekend outings.  THey outgrow the clothing fast - and you may or may not have a big baby so you never know.  My friend's baby wore 3-6 months clothing the day he came home...register for gift cards.
  • Clothes are still very very very confusing to me!!! Seriously, they grow so very very very fast. I have a hard time keeping up!

    You will get lots of clothing as gifts even if you don't register for them. People just love baby clothes and want to buy them! ;-)

    Nadia has way too much stuff and so much that she never got a chance to wear. My advice to you is don't save anything for a "special" occasion or for when you have someplace to go. Stick your kid in everything even if you are just staying home (then you pose the baby and take a picture!)

    Seriously- they grow very fast (did I already say that?) Nadia only wears things once and that's it. She has more clothing than me.

    You will need lots of tiny clothes. Everything gets spit up on, pooped on, peed on in the first few weeks. ;-)


  • Clothes were so weird for me because when Jonathan was born he was 8.1 lbs yet he fit into a premmie outfit until about 2 months old. The tag said that was up to 5 lbs! Weird. NOW at 6 months is when he is "caught" up and is wearing 6 months. Last month he would have been fine in 3-6 and even a couple of 0-3. I think it also depends on how much your baby gains weight. Jonathan is average weight but very long so it takes him longer to "plump" up. The most outfits he had was 3-6 and he didn't get to wear half of it because that is when he quickly caught up in weight. But when I say a lot I mean over 30 outfits (I had some hand-me downs from SIL and sister)

     I think you are good with 14 outfits and if he needs more you can always go on a shopping trip, get a BRU GC for when you need it. :)

  • One issue I encountered is that for the babyshower everyone gave me 0-3 months clothing so it ended up being A LOT. I got to return some of it, as for the rest, its sitting in the closet getting outgrown.

     I think you should really let people know that you do appreciate all the clothes but to PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE get larger sizes, if not you'll be stuck with 0-3 forever! LOL. Be sure to do this before the baby is born like that you'll have clothes year round.

  • Thanks so much!

    The clothes that I have so far are all super cute but I'm not going to save any for any special days after reading this post!  I already told my mom and some other family to please get us larger sizes when they shop for the baby because they keep buying newborn and 0-3 months. I guess I'll just tell everyone who asks me about clothes just in case, I think people just wanna get 0-3 months because they see how cute small clothes looks lol.

    I did put some plain white onesies in one of the registries just because I figured to be at home I might as well have some extras for the spit up.

    Thanks again!! 


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