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recom your sling

my little one was born at 35 weeks and only 5 lbs.  I was wondering if any of you used a sling with your little one. hoping to go get one soon.



Re: recom your sling

  • and I love it! They also sell them at BRU
  • We use the Moby Wrap every single day and love it. ?I ordered it from their it as I don't have it off hand. ?It looks really complicated as you can tie it a bunch of different ways, but it's really easy. ?My girl just hit 6 lbs. this week and is 8 weeks old. ?Perfect for reflux!
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  • We have a slingling sling ( It's okay, but I got it when my guys were bigger and they hated the darned thing.

    I *wish* I had ponied up the money for a moby wrap when they were little - they seem heavenly.

  • We loved our Moby when he was little! It's also great for preemies because it tucks their legs in close, which is great for their hip/joint development!

    We have a Hotsling now, which he hated before but now that he's big enough for the hip carry, he loves it!

  • When he was little i loved my hotsling. now I have a sling for hip holding from etsy and i love it and i REALLY REALLY love my babyhawk!
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