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Where to try cloth diapers?

DH and I are thinking about using cloth diapers and I have read a lot about them online.  Are there any stores/shops that actually carry the colth diapers that we can go in and look at, compare, and learn how to use them?  We are located in the north metro so would prefer not to travel too far south, but will if we have to.





Re: Where to try cloth diapers?

  • Peapods on Snelling in St Paul - www.peapods.com
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  • i just got some diapers at peapods, they are super helpful and know what they are talking about


    also i got some diapers at Twin Cities Green in Uptown, very helpful there too.  The woman working got me a chair to sit in while I was browsing.  They dont have as good of a selection as Peapods though.  

     if you have a blue sky coupon book or know someone that does, both of those stores have $5 off coupons.  

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  • Check at your Target.  Some have Bum Genius 3.0 diapers on the end cap in the baby section.
  • I second Peapods on Snelling.  Very helpful staff and it's nice to be able to touch and feel the diapers.  I went there to play with the dipes after I'd done my research online.  I still bought most of my stash from cottonbabies.com, but it was nice to see the variety and other products they had at peapods.
  • Comfybummies.com is a local online store, I believe they are out of the Minnetonka area. ?Also, Jilliansdrawers.com, has a wonderful selection and a trial pack. ?It's like $115 or so for 10 (?) diapers of different styles (AIO, pre-fold, pockets, etc...) and you get to use them for 21 days. ?They send brand new, so you have to wash them, and you keep what you like or return them all. ?And they refund the amount of what you send back. ?If you send all of them back, the program fee was like $9.95 or so. ?They also then sell the returned diapers for a lesser price.
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