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ladies on zoloft....

Did you have a major decrease in your appeitte? Normally I could eat every hour and always hungry, but since starting zoloft on Fri I'm having a hard time eating even a small meal and have lost 5lbs. I'm worried about my supply tanking, I've tried forcing myself to eat but then I feel sick : (

Will this pass? Or should I call my OB tomorrow?

Re: ladies on zoloft....

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    it will take two weeks to normalize. also, i recommend taking it before bed and/or with food so you don't feel sickish.
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    yep im not hungry much anymore...i've been on it since october, yet i haven't lost weight.

    i just can't seem to eat enough calories in the day, and when i do realize i haven't eaten, it's late at today I had some tater tot hotdish for lunch (a med size bowl) and then a bowl of mac n cheese and a can of pineapple along with some apple juice (for dinner)

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    I am bf'ing so I am always hungry. I haven't lost any weight, so I guess I haven't noticed a difference. Could it be the PPD that is causing you to not feel hungry? That is just a thought. I tend to eat more when I am depressed, so maybe I shouldn't even be answering. I guess my answer is that for me, it has nothing to do with the drugs :o)
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