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How did your cake-baking go for DH's birthday? ?What kind of cake did you make?

Re: Mandy

  • Oh good!! I made a double caramel cake but it ended up being a caramel cake with chocolate frosting and caramel drizzled on top. He pretty much has it all gone, and I refused to eat some as I stuffed my face with pizza.?

    I told him to save me a bite though and I would have it tomorrow. ?

  • That sounds so yummy!!! ?I wish I wasn't so full from dinner because I could go for some dessert right now, especially after reading that!
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  • well I could totally go for your dinner, that sounded amazing!!
  • It was - but DH had to finish my plate. ?I gave myself the smallest chicken breast and still couldn't eat it all! ?I bought a frozen black cobbler that I was going to heat up and still don't have room for it...guess I have to save that for another night.

    Feel free to steal that recipe!

  • Big Smile?I think I have to?
  • I can't believe you are in your 2nd tri already, time is flying by!!?


  • I know!!! ?It's going by so fast. ?Before I know it, Pea will be here! ?I dreamt I was having twins last night...I've had 2 ultrasounds, so I hope nobody was hiding in those!
  • OMG really? I had that dream a few nights ago. It was insane!!
  • Hahaha thats funny! ?It was really weird. ?We were at the big US, and they asked us what we thought it was. ?DH and I both said boy. ?Then we saw another baby in the corner of the screen, and they said it was a girl that had been hiding behind the girl in the previous 2 scans. ?Instead of being excited, I was upset because nobody had found the other baby!
  • haha man that is crazy. My was an ultrasound too but there was a boy and a girl. DH freaked out but I was so excited I jumped off the table and was jumping up and down.?

    I am off to bed though, gotta take advantage of the wet cm. Have a great night!!! ?

  • Yeah my DH would be totally freaked if that really happened!

    Go jump your man and have some fun! ?Good night!?

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