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2 IF questions

1. Regarding the woman who had 8 babies, they had this fertility expert on the TODAY SHOW and he was pretty sure she did not have IVF b/c no Dr would consent to implanting that many embryos. So how did she get that many babies?? Even if she took drugs that increased the number of eggs she had, one egg per ovary would get fertilized. I thought that after 1 egg gets fertilized, no other can. I am confused and curious! Since it's 6 boys and 2 girls, it's obviously not 2 sets of identical quadruplets.

2. *spoiler alert* on the ER episode, Angela Bassett's character goes thru IVF and after she wakes up from the procedure, her husband says it didn't work. I thought it took days to know ... and what exactly did they do, egg retrieval? Again, I'm really curious.

Would someone care to enlighten me? Thanks!

Re: 2 IF questions

  • Lauren,
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  • 1. She probably had an IUI.  She took drugs to increase her egg production and then the doctor inserted through a catheter her husbands sperm.  Because of so many ripe eggs and so many sperm going in multiple eggs got fertilized.  This is how Kate of J&K+8 got their 6.

    2. On ER they were doing the egg retrieval.  Once they did or did not get the eggs they were able to tell whether they were of quality for implantation or not.

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  • 1. In an unmedicated cycle usually only one egg will be released from the ovaries and all of the other follicles would be absorbed into the body.  The exception is for fraternal twins where a woman's body releases two eggs and they are both fertilized.

    This woman was probably on fertility medication such as Clomid that hyper-stimulated her ovaries to produce multiple mature follicles thus releasing multiple eggs simultaneously when she ovulated (naturally or by meds).  This is also the case with Jon&Kate+8.  This is why doctors who prescribe fertility meds should be monitoring their patients throughout the cycle to see how many follicles are maturing.  A reputable doctor would cancel a cycle if there were more than 3 mature follicles.  It is not worth the risk of high order multiples in that case.

    However, a lot of OB's are prescribing meds and not monitoring their patients and that is how people end up with crazy amounts of babies.  There is also a possibility of identical twinning which could create high order multiples but that is very unlikely.

    2. No idea.  If they were actually transferring a fertilized embryo it would take several days to find out if the procedure was a success.

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  • Ditto HikerBride.  Also, I believe that J&K+8 did not have IUI, but she was on clomid, told she had too many ripe follicles and not to have intercourse, to cancel the cycle essentially, but she went ahead with it anyway.  Irresponsible IMHO.  Higher order multiple births rarely end well as some of these stories would have you believe.  My RE told me she would have been hesitant to even do an IUI for me if I had 3 follicles ready.  In the end i had 2, but ended up with one baby :)
  • thanks! I guess I was wrong, I thought that only one egg per ovary could get fertilized, even if there is more than one available.
  • image Sofka:
    thanks! I guess I was wrong, I thought that only one egg per ovary could get fertilized, even if there is more than one available.

    Nope, fraternal twins (like mine) are two separate eggs fertilized by seperate sperm and can be boy/boy, girl/girl, or boy/girl.  Identical is one egg that splits after fertilization (can only be boy/boy or girl/girl).

    One girl I know had triplets but only had 2 eggs, 1 of which split after it fertilized so she had identical twin girls and a fraternal boy.  Crazy!!  But I doubt this lady had that many splitting of her eggs.  I'd be curious to know if any of the babies are identical...

  • To clarify, Jon and Kate did do IUI (my husband works with the show). She refused to selective reduction.


    On the IVF, I went through it. the whole process is like 4-6 weeks. But after you go through all the drug cycling, they retrieve your egg and Dh's sperm, let them "bake" for a few days, do all the combining, since which once's make it, have the best quality etc and then do the transfer. It's normally 3-5 days from retrieval to transfer. Then you wait about 10 days to 2 weeks to find out if you are pregnant.


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