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Bridal shower planning from a far...please help!

Hi ladies,

I'm a Houston nestie but my BFF is getting married in and lives in San Antonio. As the MOH I have to come up with somewhere to hold this shower. It should be smallish 10-15 ppl max.

Any ideas on a cutesy tea, coffee, cafe place to hold it?

I think she'd like somewhere nice and feminine but she doesn't not want it to be pricey so lunch is not an absolute (although I don't mind paying for lunch). She'd be happy with nice dessert, punch or coffee. Another option would maybe be a tea place that's nice. She's only lived there for 5 mos so she wasn't too specific with where she was thinking.

She lives off of Huebner Oaks if that's any help. I currently have contacted a bakery (Fluor Power), Madhatters Tea and Nicavid's Bakery Cafe. Anyone have any reviews of them?


Any help would sincerely be appreciated!

Re: Bridal shower planning from a far...please help!

  • I would go to Apple Annie's Tea Room in Artisan's Alley off Bitters. ?Light lunches, good desserts, cute place. ?Not too pricey. ?


    Also, post this on the Knot board and you might get better response...we're all a little obsessed with babies on this board! LOL?

  • Good idea on the Knot board-I will try them.

    Thanks for the Rec I'll look into it. :)

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