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Weekly Check Ins: 3/24 - 3/30

EDD:  11/21

Next appointment:  4/4

questions/gratitude/complaints:   Today has been the worst case of morning sickness so far. I've thrown up everything that I've tried to eat. It's almost dinner time and I want nothing more than onion rings and I don't even care if they don't stay down lol. 

Re: Weekly Check Ins: 3/24 - 3/30

  • EDD:  11/2 (moved based on u/s from 11/4

    Next appointment:  4/29

    questions/gratitude/complaints:   We go to see baby on the ultrasound yesterday! Measured 8w5d… was 8w0d my LMP and 8w2d by ovulation so she moved my due date to 11/2 because I want to avoid induction otherwise it would have been 10/31. Overall, I like the dr but am really scared she will pressure me into induction which I had with my first and I will NOT go through that again unless absolutely necessary. 
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    EDD: 11/28

    Next (first) appointment: 4/16

    Grateful to feel relatively normal, still working out, no strong food cravings though tender breasts/nipples and I could honestly sleep all day long! I spilt the beans and told a close group of friends that I’m pregnant. Long story short: I completely forgot about a Zoom get-together (that I planned LOL) so had to claim pregnancy brain. It was great to have their support since they’re all moms, too. 
    Now debating if I should tell my mom who’s visiting this weekend for Easter. Once I tell her, everybody’s going to know! Would just like to have my first appointment to confirm everything’s okay but gotta awhile to wait. I low-key envy you early Nov. mommas! Seeing your updates gives me so much excitement; been lingering in the Dec. BMB since they’re closer to where I am EDD-wise. Definitely waiting to tell my kiddos (8 and under) until after the first appt. 

    Me: 31
         DH: 34
    Married 11/09/2013

    LO#1: LMP 09/14/2014  BFP 10/15/2014  EDD 06/24/2015  DS Born 06/14/2015
    LO#2: LMP 09/18/2016  BFP 10/19/2016  EDD 06/27/2017 DD Born 06/27/2017
    LO#3: LMP 05/16/2018  BFP 06/18/2018  EDD 02/20/2019

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  • EDD: 23rd Nov

    I've not booked into the maternity service yet I probably will next week. There's not much rush as I won't have my first appointment until I'm at least 8w. 

    My first pregnancy ended in MC at 7w so the first few weeks are quite nerve-wracking until I get past that mile stone.

    We told my parents at the weekend but my two children won't find out until after the 12w scan. But my eldest randomly said this morning that it would be good if we had another baby  <3 , I'm so looking forward to telling them. 

    I've decided I'm going cold turkey on the caffeine this week. I've already cut down but now I'm going to cut it out. I know you can have some caffeine in pregnancy. I did this in my previous pregnancies because I found that if I stuck to the 1-2 cups of coffee a day I didn't get much benefit other that holding off the caffeine withdrawal. After a couple of weeks I'd have 1 or 2 cups of coffee a week when I needed to get something done. Then I'd be buzzing and really productive  :D. I've just got to get though the first few days  :#
  • EDD: 11/16

    1st Apt: 4/3

    Gratitude: I am so thankful for nausea relief acupressure wrist bands! After a week of constant nausea, yesterday I had a few hours where I wasn’t morning sick! 

    Question: My partner and I weren’t planning to tell this early, but we have already told my parents and will tell his parents this weekend. With the morning sickness, it’s hard to attend family gatherings and not come off as rude for not eating or leaving early because of a smell. Any advice on navigating morning sickness at work/group gathering without drawing suspicion? I’m definitely not ready to tell my boss yet. 
  • mitchipmitchip member
    @criscodisco  this is why I really hope I get on with a midwife. You have to apply through the midwives association here and there aren't that many so my fingers are crossed. I want someone who will advocate for my wants as well as our needs. 

    @cornichonmam I cut caffeine as well although I have the occasional pop. I have been drinking decaf lattes tho because I feel like they're a placebo effect lol but I have ADHD and coffee doesn't do the same thing to me as it does to my husband.
  • EDD: 11/16
    Im 41 therefore, high risk and already had my first ultrasound. Baby looks good and we had a heart beat! Going back 4/4 for another ultrasound and a full work up! 
    I’m really wanting to cook for Easter but I’m so sick I can’t do anything right now. Maybe I will be able to power through! 
  • @mitchip yeah, I had a home birth with a midwife last pregnancy but have a pattern of hemorrhaging so don’t feel comfortable with that this time… I frankly don’t care about the dr’s opinion outside of an actual non-stress test that indicates something is wrong so I feel confident in advocating for myself if she tries to pressure me without a clear medical need for induction. She mentioned the study about better outcomes with induction at 39 weeks because of babies being small enough for vaginal birth and I just told her “my second was 8 lb 13 oz I’m not worried about incremental size increase between 39 and 41 weeks” 😅
  • @criscodisco Oh don't get me started on the bullsh*t they can throw at you about inductions. Better outcomes with inducing at 39 weeks: depending on your situation, it could be quite the opposite (I'm a birth doula and keen on evidence-based birth info). Hooray for advocating for yourself! 🙌🏻
  • EDD: 11/1

    Next appt: 4/9 (term ultrasound)

    Gratitude: I'm so, so grateful for my husband, who basically does everything - the household, taking care of the kids, driving me to appointments - as I'm awfully nauseous. And I'm also so, so happy with that strong heartbeat I got to see on yesterday's ultrasound. 🥰

    Bummer: I'm awfully nauseous.

  • mitchipmitchip member
    It’s so awesome you got that home birth experience. Because of my age and our history with loss and infertility my hubby doesn’t feel comfortable with a home birth so we compromised with a hospital water birth. 
    This is our first and likely only baby we’ll be having (I’d like to adopt) so I need that advocate. 
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    @mitchip I definitely get the placebo effect from decaff. I'm 3 days without caffeine now and luckily I've managed to avoid any caffeine withdrawal headaches.

    Homebirth sounds lovely but it's a very personal decision. I'm in the UK and it's much more common here. I'd love a home birth but I'll definitely be giving birth in hospital. I had a c-section with my first and a vbac with my second. I'll be going for a second vbac this time and hopefully I'll finally get a waterbirth this time. 
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