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Big baby!

Anyone else bracing themselves for a big baby? Baby is measuring about 7 lbs and I have five more weeks left. My first was 9 lbs 6 oz. I had really bad tearing which took a year to recover. (Please Advocate for internal physical therapy if you have pain past 6 weeks!) I’m 99 percent sure I’ll elect for a c-section. I just hate how when I tell anyone who is not in the medical world that I’m probably going to have a c-section they act like I don’t know what I’m getting into. I’ve read all about recovery for c-sections and I’ve talked to my doctor plenty about what makes the most sense given my history and baby’s likely measurements. I just feel a little judged. But also I don’t want another year of pain…. And my doctor pointed out for some that pain never goes away. 

Re: Big baby!

  • ma-cjma-cj member
    I had a c-section for my last pregnancy with my twins, we made it to the full 38 weeks and they were 6lb13oz and 7lbs7oz. So I'm anticipating a bigger baby this time around. But circling back around, having a planned scheduled out csection with zero labor, no induction, a calm setting that you are mentally prepared for I think is a much better recovery and experience than going into labor, having that pain then going into an emergency csection for any reason. Not that I have experience with that half of things, but I did feel ready and confident to go home 48 hours after delivery, had a relatively quick recovery, like a routine surgery. It's your body, your decision, and If you have your OBs support I don't see why it would be anyone else's business or concern how you're choosing to have your baby
  • Thank you! This makes me feel better about my choice! 
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