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why criticize collins for a girls name?

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I mean heck my last name is collins and like it so much, but it can be a girls name to if that is what the parents decide. If you're going to trash talk the name collins as a girls name, then keep it inside of your guys heads, because nobody cares what you think. And I know that nobody cares about my post but so what I don't care that you don't care.

Re: why criticize collins for a girls name?

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    I'm a bit confused... did someone bash the name? I like the name Collins for a girl. I knew a few Colins growing up. They were all guys. Doesn't mean a thing though. I was just thinking I really like the name Spencer for a girl and have no idea where that came from. I only knew Spencers that were guys. Anyway I have 2 sons with names people didn't like... they suit them and screw anyone who wants to nay say a name. It's rude and unnecessary. If it's your maiden name then it holds even more meaning. Go for it! 

    I'm curious the middle name you are thinking with it. 
  • So, you literally just joined and are going off on a tangent over people disliking Collins for a girls name.  If someone posts about a name, then they open up opportunity for criticism whether they like it or not.  

    The world is tough and not everyone is going to like the same things.  I personally think that Collins and Spencer(what another poster likes) are absolutely horrendous for girl names!  If posted I will state my opinion. That's just that an OPINION.  

    Just remember your daughter will be the one growing up with that name.  She may like it or absolutely hate it and want to go by her middle name, a nickname, or legally change her name when able to.  That can go for any name given to a person.  
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    So funny. I bet my husband $5 that @harperseal135 would be commenting on this one and would come off very rude. Haha I won! 

    People who have opinions are way different than people that criticize or are condescending see above about a name. I have a very common name and hate it. I'd prefer Collins to my name. I'd not ask for advice on names on here. The usual commenters have the same names over and over that they suggest. Most aren't rude about the name you pick, though I've seen a couple who perpetually comment who are. Also remember people are alot more rude on here than they would be in real life. Keyboard warriors are very bold. Mike Tyson said it best. Look up his quote about keyboard warriors and how they have been emboldened. It fits perfectly with the world we currently live in. 

    Just because someone finds it horrendous does not mean it is awful or bad. Just out of that person's bubble. As I said when I named 2 of my sons people HATED the name. Now I get compliments everywhere we go. Even at the hospital the ladies loved it. They said all we see are Leo, Liam, Lincoln, Jackson, etc. All the super common, yet still good names. That it was refreshing to see a good strong uncommon name. 

    Don't listen to the previous poster. If you go back and look at all her responses 9/10 are not nice. She's been on here for years, the Bump needs to act. Everytime I have a child I'm shocked she's still commenting regularly and in the same manner, yet I see many users blocked. It's odd.  I'm not the first to comment this very comment on this user. 
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    @finalcountdown5 if it bothers you that much that I am still on here, then report me to the Admins.  

    I'm not a keyboard warrior, I'm blunt and tell the truth - even in real life.  

    I'm sorry that when people offer opinions that don't agree with the OP is condensending.  My opinion is that Collins is horrid for a girl, but as I also said each to their own.  It's just that - you do what you want.  

    If you feel that I'm so terrible please report me. I'm not going to sugar coat anything, I give advice when needed and no I won't try guessing the sex of your child - yes, leave it to the professionals; and no gender does not equal the sex of a person.  It's interesting that you come on "each time I have a kid" but it's not ok for me to be on? 

  • It is possible to be honest and blunt but not rude. I do it daily. 
    Your opinion isn't condescending nor is disagreeing it is in the manner in which you speak to others that is. Like I said before, I'm not the first and surely won't be the last to comment on how you respond to others. 

    In no way was I offended. As I stated, I expected your reply.  OP came on here obviously hurt by people's reactions to a name she likes. During pregnancy women are often times more emotional. I know when its been awhile I forget the hormones that pregnancy brings and how many women are more emotional than others. Telling her how horrid the name she likes (that has a connection as it was her maiden name) is to you, just isn't necessary. Maybe an "I don't like it" would be sufficient enough. Maybe even explain why you don't like it. Or tell her why people feel so strongly about other people's names they choose for their children. I don't think OP was posting asking for opinions on the name, it seems she was wanting to know why people are so rude about a name and why they feel the need to criticize a name someone has chosen. You just proved her 100% right. That others are very opinionated about the names others choose. 

    I never said it wasn't OK for you to be on here. I just always know when I sign up for the bump each time I'm going to see the same few that are short and rude to people who are currently worried and going through something looking for guidance and comradery. Instead they get the opposite. As you said it's your opinion that gender does not equal the sex of a person, I disagree and am AOK with that. I agree I'm not guessing the gender of someone's or my baby. And of course it's up to the professionals ask them but when it's not possible to it is nice to be able to ask others their experience. Hence the comradery people come on here to find.

    I'm sorry if me saying I know to expect you each time is offensive. I'm just honest and blunt. 🤣
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