1st Trimester

Subchorionic Hemorrhage

Anyone else have any experience with having this? They caught it in my first US. No one mentioned it to me but it's in the notes. Just curious of others experiences and if it healed itself. TIA. 💛

Re: Subchorionic Hemorrhage

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    I had one my first pregnancy, and everything was fine. It sounds scary and caused some bright red spotting for me, prompting a few extra ultrasounds. I remember it showing up on US for longer than I thought it would, but it did eventually go away on it’s own as promised. My healthy baby boy is two years old now (and I’m expecting baby 2 in November). 😊 Good luck!
  • I have one! Found it on week 6 due to 6 constant days of bright red spotting. I still have it but it is going away. Limited me to walking lightly and resting. 
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  • Thank you ladies! 💛 I go in tomorrow so hopefully I can request an US to see if it is healing. I haven't spotted yet, but I have had cramping I don't recall having from my previous pregnancies. 
    Congrats on your babies! 
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