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Moldy bread 🥖

I was having a little snack of my bread, thought it tasted funny but didn’t think anything of it because things have been tasting different for me lately. So I kept eating, then I realized what the taste was and looked and the loaf was spotted with mold. Is this a bad thing? Kinda freakin out a little bit because I tried to do some research but that didn’t help my nerves at all. Can anyone give me a little advice?

Re: Moldy bread 🥖

  • I accidentally ate a moldy bagel once (not while pregnant) and immediately freaked out. Went into panic mode and my husband had to come home from work because I was sure this was a huge deal- it wasn’t. Nothing really happened, my stomach was upset slightly but that was probably more from the worry than the bread. If you’re concerned at all or have any symptoms that seem like food poisoning I’d call your doctor to make sure they don’t wanna see you and there’s nothing they want you to do about it. Dr. Google always sounds bad, I think you’ll be fine! 
  • You should be fine. Our bodies are amazing machines. Heck it will probably help baby's immune system haha. So long as you feel fine I don't think you have anything to worry about. I've had food poisoning while pregnant and as fun as that was everything was alright. 
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