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Due on my birthday!

I’m due 11/13 my birthday is 11/12 and my fiancé is 11/3❤️. Very faint positive 3 days before my period 

Re: Due on my birthday!

  • Aww! My birthday is also 11/12 and my 14 yo DD was originally due on that date but came 11/5. This baby is due 11/4. 
  • Clan of Scorpios unite
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  • I’m due on the 16th and my birthday is the 18th. My mom’s is the 12th, so we will likely have 3 generations of birthdays in one week. 
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    I’m due on my birthday too! 11/16 🥰
  • So sweet! My birthday is on 3rd and my mom's is on 4th. It is a great joy to celebrate together <3
  • I’m due on my bday, too! 11/8 if babe comes then it’ll be the third generation in my family to share that date. 
  • mitchipmitchip member
    @KayliSmith12 that is so cool!!
  • @KayliSmith12 that IS cool! 

    Based on LMP, I’m due on my favorite’s grandma’s birthday (11/28). She passed away 5 years ago but would have turned 80 this year, so it’ll be EXTRA special to share the news with my family. Hoping the US dating comes up with the same due date! 

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    LO#1: LMP 09/14/2014  BFP 10/15/2014  EDD 06/24/2015  DS Born 06/14/2015
    LO#2: LMP 09/18/2016  BFP 10/19/2016  EDD 06/27/2017 DD Born 06/27/2017
    LO#3: LMP 05/16/2018  BFP 06/18/2018  EDD 02/20/2019

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    Gah! I would love a same birthday baby! Congrats, that's suuuper awesome! 
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