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Weekly Check-in w/o 3/3

EDD / Weeks + Days:


Baby is the size of a (an):

Team blue/pink/green: 

Upcoming Appointments: 

How are you feeling?: 



GTKY: Are you planning to have a maternity photo shoot? 

Re: Weekly Check-in w/o 3/3

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  • @maggiemadeit I am in the same place feelings wise and am not even on pelvic rest (which I am sure would make it much worse!). I do not feel attractive at all and I really wasn’t expecting that to be an issue because I haven’t been super self conscious in the past. Reminding myself it is temporary helps a little but not as much as I would like!
  • EDD / Weeks + Days: 6/18, 25 weeks

    FTM/STM/TTM+: Third

    Baby is the size of a (an): head of cabbage

    Team blue/pink/green: green

    Upcoming Appointments: glucose screen on 3/25

    How are you feeling?: great! Now that I have heartburn under control, I'm feeling the best I have all pregnancy.

    Rants/Raves: Rave: I got my hair done yesterday for the fist time in like 6 months, and it looks and feels so much better.

    Rave 2: I consigned a lot of my boys' outgrown toys and clothes last week at a consignment sale and made $350.


    GTKY: Are you planning to have a maternity photo shoot? No, never had a desire to
    Married: May 2012
    DS1: May 2016
    DS2: Jan 2019
    Baby #3 EDD: 6/18/24

  • feli14feli14 member
    EDD / Weeks + Days: June 18 (25+1)


    Baby is the size of a (an): Cauliflower

    Team blue/pink/green:  🩷

    Upcoming Appointments: 
    DTAP tomorrow and 3D ultrasound on March 23

    How are you feeling?: 

    I’ve been feeling quite tired, especially over the last week.


    Raves- still loving prenatal yoga and get excited whenever I feel baby girl moving around. 


    GTKY: Are you planning to have a maternity photo shoot? 

    I’m debating it, but most likely going to have my sister take some pictures later in April/May.
  • kbru88kbru88 member
    @sbaby2023 I always have them done by the hospital photographer. So they normally schedule that when baby is born, for before you leave. 
  • @sbaby2023 I booked my photographer in advance so she knows my due date and around when I will need pics - but then reached out to her once hang is born to actually schedule. I booked way in advance this time just because I knew who I wanted to use and wanted to check it off my list, but I know people who have booked after baby is born (just depends on how much availability your photographer has) 
  • @kbru88 I didn’t know the hospital had a photographer that is good to know!

    @curlyandpreggo how old do you normally get newborn photos done at and do you do them at your house or a studio?
  • @sbaby2023 Usually around 2 weeks (more or less) and I think generally at home (that's what we did). My photographer just posted something about how if you aren't ready at two weeks don't feel pressure to do them then - they can be done whenever you are ready!
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