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Early Ultrasound

Hi everyone! Just went in for my first ultrasound. My endocrinologist that performed it was able to find a gestational sac and yolk sac and even a fetal pole..but no heartbeat yet. I guess I’m also measuring like a day behind my LMP at 5w 6d..Should I be concerned? The doc didn’t seem concerned at all and was congratulating me.  This would be my 3rd child, and I was about to start IVF at age 41 when I got pregnant. 🙂 I have no spotting or worrisome symptoms.  But many yrs ago, I also had a silent miscarriage at 10wks with no heartbeat that really surprised me.. Anyway now I have to wait 2 whole weeks for my next scan, hoping there will be a heartbeat close to 8 wks. There’s definitely no instant gratification in early pregnancy! 😛 😑 

Re: Early Ultrasound

  • Congratulations. I know I almost hate finding out early and like not knowing longer because everything seems to move faster and the more anxious part has passed. Congratulations!!!!
  • That can be early for a HB so I wouldn’t worry yet 
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  • kat8844kat8844 member
    I also wouldn't worry. Congratulations!
  • I stressed myself out for 2 weeks because my first early scan showed an empty sac and no heartbeat. My dr wasn't concerned at all because I was so early, and she only did a transabdominal scan, but I'm sure you know how that's still not very reassuring. :# 
    But my viability scan turned out fine. 2 weeks of stress for nothing, but it's probably gonna be stressful until you get confirmation. Good luck <3
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