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Product Spotlight: Diapering

What are your favourite diapers? Wipes? Creams? Other accessories?

Re: Product Spotlight: Diapering

  • I really like the Costco brand of diapers (which are the same as Huggies I think)! I also use either Costco or Huggies wipes. My son had a really bad rash when he was a month old and the only thing that worked was Sudocrem and I haven’t looked back, it’s the only cream I put on him! 
  • My kiddos both have super sensitive skin. We learned it the hard way with #1 and ended up using only Pampers and WaterWipes. For regular changes we used virgin coconut oil, and for real rashes we used Bourdreaux's Butt Paste. I'm also a diaper stockpiler. I shop for them during pregnancy using any sales and coupons and stock pile approximately what I think we'll need for the first year. Then shop for year 2 during year 1. Maybe it wouldn't work for a first kid or if you're not sure what brands you will like, but we saved a lot of money this way. 
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  • I love Pampers and the Honest wipes. We use Aquaphor and Desitin for rashes.
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  • stress_enginestress_engine member
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    Any experience with or reccomendations for the butt spatulas? They are on my registry, but it's one of those items that seems a little extra. 😂

    Also have a wipe warmer registered, which I know is kind of hit or miss!
  • @stress_engine I never used a butt spatula, I feel like it would just take more time and be one more thing to clean haha and we have a wipe warmer too that I never used even with my October Baby when it was winter (in Canada). I probably won’t even pull it out for this baby 
  • @stress_engine Echoing what @littlemarshmallow  said, we never used a warmer for our 2 winter babies. Also never used the spatula, but I can see the appeal! 
  • I like the Millie Moon diapers (available at Target) and I recently switched to Honest wipes, which I love. They are more expensive, but better (relatively) for the environment. We were using Pampers Sensitive wipes before which I did really like, but accidently read a comparison post on how good different wipes were for your baby and the environment and felt guilty. I do like honest better in general too (I feel like they have more grip to get things off). 

    For cream I really like Tubby Todd's diaper cream. We've also used Desitin, which works great, but I can't stand the smell. I also keep aquaphor baby on hand for diaper rash that needs extra soothing (as opposed to just a barrier cream) - and it works great for all kinds of skin irritations. 

    @stress_engine I've never used a spatula - always thought it was unnecessary (and figured my finger could get it where it needs to go better anyway - and agree with @littlemarshmallow about it being one more thing to clean). And I tried a wipe warmer, but found it was unnecessary and dried out the wipes. 

    I also thought I'd share Karrie Locher's comparison post on diapers in case it is helpful to others (I found it helpful when trying to initially decide which ones to try): https://www.karingforpostpartum.com/blog/the-big-diaper-comparison
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    I used mostly Pampers with my oldest.

    My second was a poop monster and heavy wetter and had lots of blowouts. I tried several brands before finding that Hello Bello worked best for him. I've already ordered a couple of subscription boxes from there for this baby. I like the quality, and, while it's arbitrary for something that gets pooped on, the designs are really cute. 

    Resinol is the best diaper cream for a more serious rash (just beware that it will stain clothes). Aquaphor for lighter rashes.

    My apparently unpopular opinion is that I love the butt spatula.  :D
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  • We might be taking the daring leap into cloth diapers. When the baby is like 2months old or so. Our current youngest is 6 so it’s been a while since we have bought diapers and I can’t believe the cost of them now!! 
    Our first two we did Huggies and Costco brand. Not sure if we will stick with the cloth but are will to try to save money and less garbage. 
  • feli14feli14 member
    Does anyone have experience with the Ubbi Diaper pail? I have this on my registry and interested in hearing about personal experience. 

    From the reviews it seems to be a good product!
  • I have an Ubbi! It does smell some times but all pails will. I like how you don’t need special garbage bags for it and any old tall bag will work
  • feli14feli14 member
    @littlemarshmallow thanks for the feedback! That feature is definitely one that drew us to that diaper pail in particular. 
  • @feli14 I have both the Ubbi and the Dekor Plus. I prefer my Dekor Plus as my Ubbi smells more, but both work well! You do need special diaper bags for the Dekor Plus (though you could probably just use a regular bag in there) - but I actually really like the functionality of their bags once you figure out how they work. I also like that the Dekor has a foot pedal to open it. 
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    I used pampers swaddlers diapers with the first two boys. I remember thinking huggies were a good backup. We are about to switch baby #2 from swaddlers to huggies to see if the fit is better for a toddler (it's been 8 years so I don't remember). Sometimes he gets a red mark across his thigh from the yellow tabs. Might just be operator error, but we're going to explore it. I tried pampers cruisers, but they're basically a pull-up and that's annoying for diaper changes without potty training. I buy diapers at Target and wait for the gift card sales. Usually around $75 of diapers gets a $15 gift card when the sale pops up, sometimes a $20 gift card. With the 5% off on the Target Red Debit Card and the gift card, it comes out as a better deal than walmart or amazon (and gives me an excuse to go back to Target).

    We use pampers sensitive wipes. They're softer and "grabbier" than the off brands I've tried. I might have to try out those honest wipes. I used a wipe warmer for both boys and will for this one too.

    I haven't tried the spatula, but I did learn with our second that your fingers stay clean if you put a wipe around your finger before dipping in for butt paste! I wish I had come up with that on my own with the first baby, but I learned it from a friend with baby #2. No more butt paste under the nails! We us Beaudroux's butt paste when a rash pops up. We use the talc free johnsons powder (hard to find, but it's out there) for nighttime changes and after baths. 
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