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pregnancy affirmations

edited February 14 in July 2024 Moms
here’s to the mamas who’d appreciate some extra peace of mind:
all is well in my world
my body is doing such a good & beautiful job
my pregnancy and baby are safe
my pregnancy and baby are healthy 
i am so excited to meet this new life i’m creating
i am nourishing my body and baby
my body was made to create this life 
my body was made to deliver this child 
i was made to be a mother 
everything is okay 
i focus on the now and feel excited for my future 
only good lies before me 
my body is beautiful and i am too 
i am creating new life inside of me 
i am magnificent 
i am doing a good job 
i am so proud of me 
i am so grateful to be pregnant 
i have no reason to worry 
i allow myself to have a healthy safe pregnancy 
i allow myself to relax 
there is nothing for me to worry about 
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