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Pregnant at 41

Hi, just wondering if there are any older mams out there. I'm 41 and 10 weeks +3. I've another boy he's coming up 10 so there will be a big age gap. Baby unexpected but me and my husband are over the moon. Just worried about my age and how it will affect my pregnancy. 

Re: Pregnant at 41

  • Im 40 and 5 weeks + 6. My daughter is 12. 
  • I was 41 when pregnant (42 now with a 9 month old!). As for how it will affect your pregnancy, you'll be considered high risk. You'll likely be offered genetic testing around 10 weeks and more frequent ultrasounds than younger moms. I had an ultrasound at pretty much every appointment. You also may have more frequent appointments, up to 1-2/week in the last month or two. You likely will be offered induction- my midwife didn't want me going more than 39 weeks, because at our age, the placenta deteriorates quickly after that point. 

    All that said, that doesn't mean your pregnancy will be bad or your baby will have something bad happen- most are still normal, even at our age! I actually felt great during my pregnancy. I maybe would've been less tired or achy if I were younger, but not necessarily, I had a pretty easy pregnancy. Try not to worry about your age, just be as healthy as you can and enjoy the ride!
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  • I will be welcoming baby #3 into the world for my 40th birthday...I have two other children from my previous marriage they are 16, and 17 years old...
    It is super scary for me to be starting this journey all over again.

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    I'll be 41 in a couple weeks (partner is 38) and am 5w4d now with our first after getting pregnant on the first try(still shocked)! Feeling low level nausea and boobs are a cup size larger and sore, but otherwise feeling good and hopeful for a normal pregnancy and healthy baby. Lovely to see other older moms here! For me, I feel excited and thankful that I can do this now after building my career/doing everything else I wanted to do in my 20s/30s! 
  • I'm 44 and son will be 9 when this baby comes. Hu baby and I are so ready to add to our family after accomplishing goals. I am a little worried about everything (naturally!) But had a great 1st pregnancy and best birth experience so hoping to repeat!
  • I’m 41 and 7 weeks with my first baby! I’ll be 42 when baby is born. I chose to get career goals out of the way during my 20s/30s. First prenatal appointment is next week. I had a day of terrible nausea a couple of weeks ago. Otherwise, it’s just been fatigue, frequent urination and extremely tender breasts (which were already huge and now feel like water canons😂).
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    I'm 38 and 8 weeks 4 days with first baby. Ill be 39 when they arrive!
  • Hi all! I’m 38, currently 7w2d, will be 38 when baby arrives in July. This is my first, and we had to get assistance via IVF to get to where we are. So far week 6 was worst for nausea and fatigue. I’ve also had some migraines due to meds I’m taking for the IVF treatment.

    Husband and I would like 2 kiddos so hoping to be pregnant again in the future when I’ll likely be 40.

    We have been focused on careers and building financial security before starting a family. Did some traveling, too.

    Glad to be amongst other “advanced maternal age” mamas. Sending my best to you all!
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