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  • @alaw0729 - I'm 38 and had my first baby when I was 37 - pretty much everyone in my mom's group was around my age or older! I feel like it's no longer old to have a baby over 35, and you get lots of benefits like extra ultrasounds that are covered by insurance!
  • @knottie35c1f4905b9baa07 I also work for the federal government - do you live in the DMV? (I do  :))
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    No - my duty station is Oregon! I’m a remote employee. I am a software developer so I think we get more remote work options that most feds.
  • @curlyandpreggo seems as we have several in our group here who are over 35. Thanks for the reply. Just trying to remain positive like all of us here so early in the game. 

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    @alaw0729 I’m 39, first baby ☺️
  • Also a govie ;-p preggo with my first nugget due June 8!
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    @curlyandpreggo I'm also a govie in the DMV, 42, preggo with first baby.
  • Due date: June 21, 2024

    How you found out: we've been TTC since our 1st MC. We've been through two early pregnancy losses, a partial Molar Pregnancy and an ectopic pregnancy so this has been a very emotional Rollercoaster. We knew right away with all of our pregnancies because we were tracking everything. 

    Tell us about yourself (Other children/pets? Job? Things you like to do? Spouse/partner?)
    I am a Mortgage Loan Closer and my Hisband is a Journeyman Electrician. We love to go on hikes and just be together. 

    How are you feeling (any symptoms, Emotionally)? Enlarged breasts and tiredness is about all I've felt so far. 
  • Due date: June 27 

    How you found out: Multiple positive tests in the last two days 

    Tell us about yourself: Three other kids (7, 5, 3). I didn’t feel “done” having kids, but I’m quickly approaching 40 so I’ve been feeling pressure to make a decision. We decided to give it a shot last month with no expectations and here we are.

    How are you feeling (any symptoms, Emotionally)? Lots of mixed feels because most of our friends are done having kids and we’re already so busy with our 3. And anxious because of my age since I’ll be 39 when babe is born. But also very excited since I’ve had a strong desire for one more. Some cramping and bloating and intense hunger. I had pretty bad MS with my others so not looking forward to that starting. 

    I’m glad to see there are some other AMA moms in here! I was technically AMA with my last but just barely 35 and a healthy pregnancy so it really wasn’t any different than my previous ones. 

    I’m debating whether I should use the midwife group I used with my last two (it’s through the hospital so still hospital births) or go to an MFM clinic (or both?). Would love to hear what other older moms are doing for providers. 
  • @jenEP Welcome! I'll also be 39 when this babe is born (well, unless its early as my birthday is 4 days before the due date). I've just used my normal OB/GYN, but know plenty of AMA moms who have used midwives (and absolutely would consider it myself). You might talk to your midwives about if/when they would bring a MFM to help with your care? I think being AMA in and of itself is fine (plenty are otherwise low-risk and don't need MFM), but given that more risks can happen when you are AMA, it might be helpful to know what that looks like so you feel comfortable they would be brought in if needed? You might also talk to them about their experience with AMA pregnancies if they aren't common in your area (AMA pregnancies are extremely common where I live). Just my two cents!
  • @jenEP I was AMA for my last pregnancy and had midwife care. They referred me to an MFM for an issue that developed during the pregnancy, but they still took care of my regular appointments and delivery. 

    For this one I will be 41 at delivery and will be with my regular OBGYN, but that’s because we already have a relationship and I am a mandatory c section this time, so it makes sense to get my care from the person who will perform the surgery. 
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    @curlyandpreggo Yes, I think I’ll schedule my first appointment with the midwife clinic and ask them about what care looks like at my age. They actually use the MFM clinic at the same hospital for all their ultrasounds so I think they have a good relationship with those providers. Lots of AMA moms around where a live as well, so I don’t think they’ll even bat an eye at my age. My favorite midwife actually had a baby at 40 a few years ago. My biggest question is whether they will allow me to get induced at 39 weeks if I want (which I will because of my anxiety). With my previous pregnancies they didn’t allow early elective inductions. I went to 40+5 with all of my prior pregnancies and they wouldn’t induce me before 41 weeks. I don’t want to go that long now that I’m almost 40. 
  • Due date: June 15th 

    How you found out:

    Tested before period was due and they were negative. Tested the day my period was due and it was the first positive!

    Tell us about yourself (Other children/pets? Job? Things you like to do? Spouse/partner?)

    2 dogs, and one cat, no children yet! I work in a pharmacy and my husband is in the trades. We are home bodies and just so excited! Our first niece was just born in October so she will have a bestie soon. 

    How are you feeling (any symptoms, Emotionally)?

    Started with breast soreness and cramping. Had an ultrasound at 4 weeks and was told I wasn't pregnant but they found a cyst. Got referred for an emergency ultrasound and bloodwork yesterday because I'm still testing positive, and they saw baby! Now I have morning sickness and just an emotional rollercoaster 

  • Due date: June 1st, 2024

    How you found out: took a first response digital test day before missed period and it said “yes+”

    Tell us about yourself - I am 31, a Stay at home mom (occasional MUA) married for almost a year, hubby is Navy reserve and also works a federal Job. We have a 20 month old baby boy we adore!

    How are you feeling (any symptoms, Emotionally)? Currently I’m excited. My symptoms though are pretty brutal as far as the morning sickness…it really effects me all day ever day since I hit 5w4days. Im currently 7w3d and I think I’m at the peak of it. I’m hoping this phase goes by quickly because I’m having a hard time with my little guy I feel so terrible that we can’t do the fun stuff we normally do because I’m feeling so sick and exhausted.
  • Absolutely loving seeing all the AMA moms in here! And standing in support with my pregnancy loss mamas!! Sending all the positive thoughts to all of you for a sticky healthy little bean ❤️
  • Hi Everyone - I think my due date will be somewhere around June 27th, 2024. 5 weeks tomorrow. We haven’t told any of our family yet so getting to say that feels exciting! I’ll be a first time mom so there are a lot of anxieties for us right now.. just the fear of the unknown until my first appointment with the OBGYN. I have discovered that googling every little thing that happens to/in my body is a trap and leads me down a bad path of anxious thoughts. Lol Congrats to all the other June 2024 moms! Happy to go through this journey together. 💕
  • @ljp7817 yes! I have such a love/hate relationship with google during pregnancy (and with kids in general). 
  • Let's introduce ourselves here:

    Due date: June 17th

    How you found out: obsessively testing! Faint line 3 days before missed period.

    Tell us about yourself: I’m 35, first pregnancy. Still have another 3.5 weeks until my first ultrasound. It’s so hard to wait.

    How are you feeling (any symptoms, Emotionally)? Really just breast soreness and bloating. I was having mild cramping but that’s gone. Waiting for the nausea to kick in. I’m so anxious, it doesn’t feel real yet. I will not have my first ultrasound until I’m almost 10 weeks, I just want to see that it’s real! We tried 9 month before we actually conceived.
  • @Knottiedb32697865e6838c I also am not having my first ultra sound until 10 weeks !! I found out 2 weeks ago and have 2 more weeks to go 🥲 hang in there !! 
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    Due date: 6/29/24 (4w+4d)

    How you found out: We have been trying to get pregnant, so it was a wonderful surprise for this month to be the one! I used OPK and track my cycle with Fitbit. I felt SO tired, hit with nausea two days in a row around 6 P.M., crying over little things... Tested first thing in the morning 9DPO and googled the heck out evaporation lines #squinter. Same squinty story at 10DPO. I know those are very early to test, but of course that didn't stop me from starting to think it was all in my head/coincidence. I waited a day because I was going in circles, and at 12 DPO the test was legitimately positive.

    Tell us about yourself (Other children/pets? Job? Things you like to do? Spouse/partner?) We have two boys (8 & 1) and a Shepsky (5) - but I swear she's also part lab, so mutt ;) I am a material analyst for new powersports products, and I love my job. Excel sheets bring me joy. I like reading, drawing, baking, running, yoga, going out to eat (it's a whole activity around here). I've been known to spend an hour picking out paint chips at Menards - love me some paint chips medleys. My family likes to camp, fish, bbq/smoker, go to the racetrack, fix cars, go on SxS trips, and take an annual vacation somewhere tropical when winter is at it's frigid finest. I met my husband at the raceway and it has been a whirlwind every since. He's everything I never even dreamed I could have in a husband, and I still can't believe he's mine. 

    How are you feeling (any symptoms, Emotionally)? Mentioned above, but fatigue, nausea, crying... I got so sad when Jack gets to the hospital in "Old Dads" on Netflix. The leaves around our house are stunning right now and they also had me tearing up for their sheer beauty. Emotionally, everything is peachy; I'm on cloud 9.
  • Hey everyone!

    Due date: LMP was 9/18 so I'm due 06/24/24! 

    How you found out: I had some very very light pink discharge and same day got really hungry and shaky and I had a feeling I should test. The next morning at 11DPO it was positive!

    Tell us about yourself (Other children/pets? Job? Things you like to do? Spouse/partner?)
    I am a single mother by choice, used a local donor! I have no other children, but I do have two dogs, Jim & Sammy! They are my heart! I'm currently working full time at a non-profit in my home town. 

    How are you feeling (any symptoms, Emotionally)? I'm dealing with a lot of anxiety that I will lose the baby. I'm trying to keep it at bay but it's hard. I haven't had many symptoms- off and on nausea, bloating, constipation, headache, tired, sore breasts. These come and go.  
  • Hello!

    Due Date: June 27 2024

    How you found out: I noticed that I hadn’t gotten any pms symptoms. I tested the day my period was due and got a positive :smile:

    Tell us about yourself (Other children/pets? Job? Things you like to do? Spouse/partner?): I have a teenager and a toddler. Both girls. No pets. I work as an EA for an construction/engineering firm. My husband works in the same industry as I do, but in sales. I am also in the AMA club - I just turned 36. 

    How are you feeling?: Tired is the big one. A little nausea sometimes but nothing major. I get a little more emotional now, which is not normal for me. It makes my husband kind of laugh when I get teary eyed because it’s so out of character for me, lol. 
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    @curlyandpreggo Were you by chance in the Aug 2022 birth month club? Your avatar is familiar. 
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    @kbtt2022 I was! I changed my name but kept my avatar 😊 Hi! 👋🏻 How are your little ones doing? 
  • Due Date: 6/27

    How I found out: missed period and finally took a test.  Last time I had symptoms before my missed period so I almost didn't believe I could be. 

    About myself: I'm a physical therapist. I have 2- 15 1/2 month old twin girls and a black lab! DH is in construction. 

    Feeling: no symptoms yet other than I look bloated.🙃

    @curlyandpreggo doing well! Busy, starting to use the potty but still not walking!  And your little girl?!
  • @kbtt2022 wow! So impressed they are starting to use the potty! Also very busy over here - she’s been walking a for a bit and I’d say she’s verging into running territory 🤦🏻‍♀️ so fun to have you here too - congrats! 
  • Due date: June 20th, 2024

    How you found out: At home several days after an IUI.

    Tell us about yourself: Hi, I am 36 and my name is Faby and this will be our first child. I have a husband, no pets, no kids, no plants.

    How are you feeling: no symptoms just heartburn

    Emotionally: I’m alright. I feel very lucky that I have no symptoms. A little annoyance from time to time.
  • @knottie5b3f5d8eeb2508ea congrats! What a perfect birthday gift for your husband!
  • Due Date: June 26, 2024

    How I found out: I'd had about a week or so where I was especially...aroused...and Hubs and I were a lot friskier than we normally are.  After questioning WHY I was feeling this way, he joked that maybe I was ovulating.  I checked my tracker app, which said I was out of my fertile window....but then I remembered my previous cycle had been 34 days.  If I adjusted the cycle length, I realized it WOULD put me ovulating later, possibly that very day.  Thus began the two week wait.  I was cramping, and told myself I was getting ready for my period...but it didn't come...and I'd been cramping over a week.  I took the test, thought it was negative, but after a few minutes I realized there was a veryyy faint line.

    About myself: 38, I live with my husband of 13 years, and our son, who is 8.  Our son was conceived with fertility treatments, so an accidental OOPS baby was NOT on the radar!  No pets!  

    Job:  I am a Sugar Artist, pastry chef, (regular) Artist, and business owner.

    Feeling:  Mixed emotions.  I thought I was done having children, and my son has severe ADHD and is a lot to handle.  I'm a little scared.  But I'm starting to come around to the idea and even get a little excited.

    Fatigue, mood swings, some cravings (fried pickles...sour patch kids), a couple bouts of being sensitive to smells, a few bouts of nausea.  Mild cramping/pulling feelings, peeing every 5 minutes, and the dreaded pregnancy constipation. ugh.
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