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Tips to prepare for induction?

My doctor just told me today that due to my gestational diabetes we will likely need to induce at 37-38 weeks. I do not want an induction- but do want my baby to be healthy and to do what is best for him. Does anyone have any tips on how to prepare your body in advance to try to help induction go as smoothly as possible? 

Re: Tips to prepare for induction?

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    I think the safest options are Spinning Babies exercises, and eventually perineal massage. Those may not do much, but they may and they don't have negative side effects. Other things you may hear about like eating dates or castor oil, etc. may induce premature labor "naturally", but aren't standardized or supervised, so generally aren't recommended (the medication they'll give you in the hospital is safer). You can talk to your provider about harvesting colostrum at 37 weeks, they may recommend that. 
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    I had GD with my second kid, diet controlled. They were going to induce at 40 weeks but she came earlier. I second asking about harvesting colostrum. I was concerned baby would have blood sugar issues and additional colostrum can be a good thing to help them stabilize that. Other than that walking was the only thing that got my labor going. Walking with one foot on a curb is supposed to help baby move down.

    You may have had a 37 week US, they usually look at your placenta to assess it’s health at that point. Maybe if you are controlling your blood sugar well you can ask if after that point they can reassess if an early induction is still required.
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    Avoid early induction if you can. There are some big developmental impacts to taking baby at 37. Doctors can sometimes be extremely over-zealous to your and baby’s detriment, and they can scare us unnecessarily. If you need help with the GD, I recommend YouTubeing the channel pregnancy and postpartum tv. The provider has great great helps for all aspects of GD! 
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