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Low HCG with 3 days moderate bleeding... HELP

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Hey all
Sorry for the long post but I'm quite new here.

I'm 24, my hubby and I have just TTC for 1 month and I've always been on pills for 7 years and just stop taking pill in April, so I don't really know what my cycle is or when my period should come, but the first day of my last period was 04/04/23.

Friday 05/05: I took 2 HPT as my period was 1 day late and both came back positive with a very faint line.

Saturday 06/05: I took another HPT and it is still positive with a faint line but a little bit more visible this time. BUT after 30 mins - 1 hour I had some spotting and it turned bright red with no clots just like a period with slight cramps - felt like 100% period cramps. I immediately called my GP and went to see her right away.

I told my GP what was going on and all I got from her was "You're definitely miscarrying right now or having an ectopic pregnancy" yep, that's it, very straightforward, no hope was given to me at all, she just threw that into my face with no sympathy. She then booked me for a HCG blood test the same day and told me to come back again tomorrow for the result.

Sunday 06/05: My bleeding still continues, bright red with mild cramps, no clots just like normal period. I did another HPT and it was positive with a darker line but still faint. went to see my GP for a blood test result. My GP said my result is back and it's not looking good as it's only 7! she then said "You might not even be pregnant at all or you are and are miscarrying right now, I'm sorry cause judged by my LMP, you should be like 4 weeks 3 days". She had booked me another Blood test for HCG on Monday.

Monday 07/05: HPT came back still positive with a darker line but still faint. Bleeding continues but no cramps or pains and clots. feeling very nausea and lower back pain.

Tuesday 08/05: Bleeding stopped, only brown spotting left with no pain or cramps. went to see my GP again for the result. the result came back and it's 27 which more than doubled in 45 hours. My GP still says this is still not looking good and has booked me another blood test for this Friday. says if the level is not doubled then is it miscarrying but she still also think it might be an ectopic pregnancy.

Wednesday 09/05: 2 HPT came back in a darker line. Bleeding completely stopped and no spotting at all. I also have very low appetite, back pain, light headache, bloated and tight feeling in my tummy like it's gassy and had to burp and fart it out, I couldn't sleep all night.

Thursday 10/05: No bleeding or spotting. HPT was very very positive, the line showed up just within 20 seconds without having to wait for 3 mins. I'm still feeling a bit gassy and bloated but not as bad as yesterday but have very bad nausea that I had to stop driving this morning and threw up.

Now I think I'm really depressed as I don't know what's going on and my GP just keep saying the negative things to me, I know that she might be telling me facts but still, without the proof or anything else, she just threw the bad words to my face like I'm miscarrying and there is no chance or hope left with my pregnancy.

I guess I'm just coming here to rant cause I have no one else that I can talk to and want to see if anybody here has been through this same situation as me?

I'm hoping to see the doubling result this Saturday, my HCG is currently 27, so I don't know what it should be in the next 72 hours?

I'm actually crying right now while typing this, I'm feeling so depressed and hopeless :'(

Re: Low HCG with 3 days moderate bleeding... HELP

  • A couple of us have very recently suffered early pregnancy loss and it’s devastating.  Unfortunately this isn’t an appropriate place to post this (none of us who are regulars here were posting about our experience on this board as it was happening) — but there IS a Miscarriage/Pregnancy Loss board that you can utilize and find support there.  Several of us are TTCAL (trying to conceive after loss)—if you find yourself in that boat in the future you are welcome to come back here and join us in the TTCAL thread and the other regular threads.
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  • Who made you the rule maker lol 
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  • Actually she’s in the correct forum for miscarriage/loss. How about you have some sympathy, you don’t even know her. Rude much.
  • I cried n cried when the doctor came n told me My levels keep going down too they want to keep testing you to see if it going to change but I it's just taking us through more pain just let our body go through this miscarriage so we can get back to our regular self stay positive 
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