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Reintroducing Dairy

I went to my 9 month olds check up yesterday. They said we could start reintroducing dairy into her diet since we found out she had a cow’s milk protein allergy when she was a few weeks old. 

When I asked how to reintroduce dairy they said give her a couple bites of yogurt wait a few days and if there is no reactions try more. 

While I’m very excited to try to get dairy back into her diet (mine too because I breastfeed haha) I feel like yogurt is too extreme to start...or am I just over thinking?

I have researched the milk ladder a lot and yogurt was at the top as one of the last things to try??

Any advice would be great! Thank you!

Re: Reintroducing Dairy

  • lannoirelannoire member
    My daughter is also allergic to milk. I am in the process of reintroducing milk in her diet and it is a long process. 18 months if everything goes well.
    I must first introduce milk in a backed good (home backed cake or muffin). I give my daughter the size of a pea each day, at the same time for seven days. If everything goes right, I give her the size of two peas of muffin for another week. So on and so forth until my daughter can eat a quarter of muffin/cake.
    If everything goes well, I will then upgrade to pancakes using the same process.
    Step 3 is cooked milk or melted cheese.
    The final step is yogourt.
    Is your child followed by an allergist? Might be a good thing to do consult one and obtain the proper guidance.
    Hope this helps and good luck!
  • lannoirelannoire member
    I never had to cut back on the milk products I consumed as it did not make my daughter sick. The allergist told me this was good news, as it meant my daughter already had a tolerance for dairy, which we could built upon. If you had to cut back on the dairy you ate, your child's allergy must be more severe than mine, which is why I find it strange that they would let you reintroduce milk in your child's diet almost blindly. 
    If you can't talk to an allergist, a nutritionist might help. My daughter is followed by both a nutritionist and allergist and I find they work well together. 
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