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is anyone else getting more anxious as our due dates near?!? STM and starting to wonder how i will handle two kids LOL

Re: anxious

  • I'm starting to get nervous about the baby coming early. I absolutely love if it did because I'm ready to be done, but it would really shoot me in the foot at work.  Also, I'm worried I've forgotten how to do this baby stuff because it's been 5 years lol.
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    You will be fine!! 🫡🙏
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  • ashleyp625ashleyp625 member
    We just brought our second child home yesterday, and I’m not gonna lie, two is hard. But in my vast two days of experience, I’ve found that every day gets easier 😉
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  • jeep4x4momjeep4x4mom member
    @abbys2324 It’s tiring getting use to a shift, but it does get easier as time goes on. @AdrienneAudrey My first 2 are 2 years apart. My youngest is 6 so I also get the fear of the big age gap and not remembering. But I babysat my friends son when he was 2m old to get that hang of having a boy. But all the fear of not remember baby things went. Mom mode kicked in and he wasn’t even mine. It’s scary to think of the unknown. 

    @ashleyp625 congrats I was wondering how you were since your date was the 1st. I don’t have social media so I couldnt merge to the FB group. 
  • ashleyp625ashleyp625 member
    @jeep4x4mom thank you! We are doing well. Ended up going with the c section on the first bc she never turned. Her first order of business was to kick the doctor on the way out 😂 got home Wednesday and are settling right in! 🙂
  • I am finally starting to get more nervous...

    My latest measurement ultrasound/BPP (2 days ago) shows my babe's head and belly size in the 99% (i.e. humongous). I know these are not always accurate, and I have a follow up OB appt tomorrow. We'll see what her recommendation will be, but I've been overthinking all weekend trying to come to terms with the likelihood that I'll be encouraged to induce and/or plan for Cesarean. 

    I'm not ready!! And I think the baby isn't either. 

    Anyone else having (or had) a giant baby?? 

    @ashleyp625 Congratulations!! I'm so happy to see y'all are home safe and sound. 
  • @radioactivet right there with you! My baby’s head measured 97% + I had a fourth degree year with my first. To protect my body from further trauma, I went with a c-section on May 9. Best decision I could have made! It was scary going into it, but went smoothly. 💙 at the end of the day, the goal is to bring home baby safely and protect your body!
  • @ashleyp625 congrats on baby. Both my kids decide to turn at the last minute so even though we tried for a vbac, both mine were C-section. 

    Think it's hilarious that she kicked the doctor on the way out. Sassy! I like it.  

    I'm home with my 4 year old and newborn for the first week alone. Day 3 and it doesn't feel like it's getting any easier just that I'm loosing my patience. Any helpful tips?
  • You are going to do wonderful!!! Wishing you the best
  • @terrarecycled it just takes time. You’ll find your groove and a somewhat routine. I find that the more I can prepare when I am not in the moment the better. For example, while baby is sleeping, I pour my son’s milk he’ll want when he gets off the bus. While someone else is holding her, I pour the water in the bottle and leave the scoop pre-filled in the formula canister. Anything to make the meltdown less stressful when they both need something at the same time. 
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