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2nd time mom- is it normal not to be showing?

I feel like I was showing more the 1st trimester, but it was FOR SURE bloating. I weigh more than when I was pregnant with my son, considered overweight not obese. Maybe that's why? I feel my ligaments stretching sometimes and my bellybutton is itchy. I'm close to 16 weeks. Just starting to be paranoid because I had a miscarriage 6 months ago.

Re: 2nd time mom- is it normal not to be showing?

  • linh18linh18 member
    I'm also not showing really and I'm in the same boat, weighing a bit more than with my first, but not excessively more. I also haven't gained any weight yet this pregnancy and am at 17 weeks. I was at an ultrasound appointment last week and everything is fine with baby so I guess it's just my body. I was slow showing with my first as well. Hopefully in a few weeks, or a couple of months we will both be showing 😀
  • Update: I popped this week!!!
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